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Sep 14, 2007 11:12 PM




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  1. There are tons of opinions on this subject in other threads. I'd recommend searching and going through some of those old threads, but my personal favorite is:

    Steve's Prince of Steaks 7200 Bustleton Avenue in northeast Philadelphia. It is by far the best cheese steak I have ever eaten. I believe that Steve's is considerably better than Geno's/Pat's/Jim's. Again, this is just my opinion and if you search some of the threads you'll see that the preferences vary greatly. If you were looking for a cheese steak in the South Philly area I'd recommend John's at Wecceccoe & Snyder (check their hours first) or Tony Luke's at 39 East Oregon Ave (I should also note both places make a terrific roast pork sandwich).

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      Thank you YoccosFan, i will check the other post about this subject... But thank you for your opinion.

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        George's in the Italian market - the one at the top of the market, not the one across from Fante's - makes an awesome cheesesteak. They're known for their other sandwiches - veal, tripe, really interesting stuff - but I never get to try them because I had a steak the first time and now whenever I'm there I have to get one.

        One reason George's is so much better than Pat's/Geno's etc. is that unlike some of those big-name places that bank piles of cooked meat to cover tons of orders, George's makes your steak fresh to order. Combine that with good ingredients and great technique and you have my favorite cheesesteak in Philly (Steve's Prince of... is my second fave).

        1. re: GDSwamp

          Kudos for mentioning George's. I've left the city for a little over a year now and I miss that place. He veal bbq sandwich with the sharp prov (what else!) is amazing.

          I totally hear you on the "banked" versus fresh made steaks.

          Pats/Genos are really for late night after hours food - nothing can be that because by then even though it's banked, the steam from the little bits of onion and fond accumlated throughout the day gives you that unmatched plus you're drunk so things taste even better.

          Tony Luke's roast pork is also up there as one of the greats.

          I miss Philly.

          1. re: MFoxM

            Next time I go to George's I'll have to order two sandwiches - it's the only way I'm ever going to taste the veal or the tripe.

            Any other spots you especially miss? I'm always looking to add to my list of must-trys.

          2. re: GDSwamp

            What's the closest cross street to where George's is?

            1. re: Den

              It is just south of Christian St on the west side of 9th

          3. re: YoccosFan

            John's italian beef with greens and sharp provolone is awesome as well, for me best of the three, will try Steve's, know of it, but have not been there, thanks
            As long as you are at George's go around the corner and try Chickie's vegetarian hoagie with sauteed hot peppers

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              mind posting the links to those old threads, that'd help a lot

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                I visited Philly this weekend from Montreal and had my first cheese steak at Steve's on Bustleton Ave. and i ended up eating two right there and taking a third one for the car ride home. It was so delicious. I wish i had the time to try some of the other places listed here.

              2. Never had Steve's, but do agree John's and Tony Luke's are much better than the tourist traps.

                1. Best I've had in Center City is Campo's.

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                    i agree, campo's is awesome! and if you're going with someone who doesn't like cheesesteaks..there are plenty of options for them too!

                  2. Can you be more specific as to what makes it a good Philly Cheese Steak? What about Steve's is so much better than Geno's and Pat's? Bread? Seasoning? Tenderness of the beef?

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                    1. re: baekster

                      I think Steve's separates itself from the others because they use the best quality meat. The meat is incredibly flavorful and the onions have just the right taste. The roll is not very doughy at all. They call it more of a torpedo style roll and so you taste more of the steak and less bread, but the bread is very good. But, it all boils down to using top quality meat and that is what makes it the best cheese steak in the city, in my humble opinion.

                      1. re: YoccosFan

                        Alright. I'll try Steve's in near future and contribute to the post again. I really DISAGREE with the person who said 'cook-by-the-order' cheesesteak is better. I do believe that the seasoned griddle has something to do with how the meat and vegetable cooks (as it is true with all street food across different cuisine). That's why it's hard to imitate the taste at home even when you have all the right ingredients.

                        1. re: baekster

                          Huh? The objection was not to the griddle, but to the practice of preparing huge quantities of meat and just letting them steam in a huge pile on the griddle, rather than preparing each steak separately.

                          1. re: Buckethead

                            But from what I've seen, the meat pile usually doesn't sit there for that long, at least from what I've seen. :)

                            1. re: baekster

                              well, I definitely DISAGREE right back. Seasoned grill - absolutely. There's no substitute for the layers of cooked-on flavor that a well-used griddle imparts. But pulling my sandwich filling off of the top of a wet heap that's been sitting there for hours is another story. Just as an example: one of the best cheesesteaks I've had was the first time I want to D'alessandro's in Manayunk. It was late in the day (so, seasoned grill) and they made my steak to order, and it was intensely flavorful. One of the worst I've had was also at D'alessandro's - it was the middle of lunchtime rush and they'd banked a huge pile of meat to fill orders quickly. It tasted gray and greasy and I haven't been back.

                              Just try one from George's (or Steve's - I believe they make everything to order) before you commit to disagreeing with me on this. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

                            2. re: Buckethead

                              Absolutely. Seasoned griddle, onions cooking all day, meat freshly prepared for each sandwich, cheese melted (sorry, not a whiz fan) but still visable thus creating just a little extra fat on the sandwich, not a doughy roll but one with a slightly crisp exterior so it doesn't fall apart from the sandwich juices...mmmm

                      2. What makes it a good Philly Cheese Steak?

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                        1. re: josephml1

                          I am not sure (as I'm new to the area). But from I hear...crusty bread and good cuts of beef. I'm asking the question myself.