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Sep 14, 2007 08:11 PM


This may date me a bit...Does anyone remember a restaurant called Tulipe? It was opened in the 80's on Melrose Ave...I was just a teenager when we first started going there but I can stlll recall an appetizer that I adored (roasted pear, blue cheese, walnut napoleon...)...IF you do recall the restaurant, my question is, Who was the chef/owner???

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  1. I did a one month stage at Tulipe in 1990 as my mentor Richard Thompson was the Exec Sous there. Tulipe as I recall was co owned by Chef's Roland Gibert and Maurice Peugeot(sp?) It was a great place.

    1. I went to Tulip many times and always had a great meal, the setting was beautiful, but comfortable. I always wonder why restaurants like Spage last forever, and some other great restaurants run their course and expire.

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        Financial problems right from the start.

      2. I staged there in 1990. It was Maurice Peuget and Roland Gibert. Very cool restaurant.