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Sep 14, 2007 07:52 PM

Favorite Pizza in Morris County

I've lived here for about 5 years but I still haven't found a pizza that I really enjoy. Those that I find pretty good is Godfather's in East Hanover and maybe Portofino in Morristown (although it is either a hit or miss). I know there is a lot of love for the pizza at Reservoir Tavern but I don't love it. Does a great pizza exist in Morris County?

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  1. It will be interesting to see what people say. I emigrated from Essex County more than 25 years ago and have never found the pizza to be nearly as good. For convenieience sake, we mostly eat from Suvio's in Morristown, though I would not call that great.

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      Ah, Suvio's. My husband orders take-out from Suvio's when I order take-out from India Caffe since he doesn't care for Indian food.

      I just tried Wiseguys in the Pine Plaza in Whippany since they were touting themselves as good Brooklyn pizza. We had the pizza with tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil and it was not good at all. At the time the pizza came out we were the only ones in the place and the pizza was way too overcooked and the ingrediants were not of high quality. I'm going to try Milano's in Morristown since I haven't tried them yet and they are touting themselves to be a good thin crust pizza. I'll keep my expectations low.

      I think that if you have always had mediocore pizza there is nothing to compare it to. Thankfully I work in Manhattan so I'm close to all the great pizza there is to be had.

      I too am looking forward to hearing what other's have to say.

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        Where's Milano's in Morristown?

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          Yes, Milano's is in Morristown on South Street. It is in the space where Baskin Robbins used to be. I have a feeling there aren't a lot of hounds in Morris County :(

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            Milano's is pretty mediocre. Think a slightly higher end Suvio's. Same low quality tasteless crust, etc. Not worth going out of your way for, but new and conveniently located, so gets a good clientele.

    2. Morris County is pretty weak in terms of pizza. Venture to Union county and you will have better luck. Sun Tavern.

      One place I really do like is Verillis Bakery in Morristown- they sell a take home "pizza kit" that is fantastic.

      However, hadnt had since I lived up there but the best in the area to me was always Bel Paese in Parsippany. worth a try.

      1. I live in Hoboken, but work in Morris County and so far the only pizza that comes even close to Hoboken is Cristelli's in Whippany. Everything on their menu is made with fresh and superior ingredients! The prices are pretty good too. I've eaten in the dining room for lunch which always has a good mix of construction workers, suits, delivery people, kids, etc. and I've never had a bad meal. You can check out their website @ Cristellis.com or give em a call 973-887-0114. I work in the HR dept of my company and anytime we need to order pizza for a group of people they've been who I've called. They have no problem making 40 pizzas for our company! Highly Recommended for anyone who loves pizza!

        Cristelli's Pizzeria
        622 Rte 10 W, Whippany, NJ 07981

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          Well, thank you! I forgot I posted this and when I opened it up to see what the reponses were I was pleasantly surprised to see this.

          I'll definately check them out and I pass by that place a lot and thank you from one HR person to another ;)

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            Cristelli's may be a fine place, with great pizza, but I would be a little suspect of a post by a self proclaimed (pizzafanatic)......who's very first post is about a single place without nary the mention of any other suggestions......and also has not made another comment in over a year on this site.