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Sep 14, 2007 07:41 PM

dinner near Sacramento/Roseville/Citrus Heights (moved from SF)

any suggestions?

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  1. Plenty of suggestions. Maybe a couple hundred. Maybe you could narrow it down a little. What kind of food would you like? How much do you want to spend? Any particular area?

    1. Thats kind of a large area. There are tons of Sacramento proper threads here, I suggest you do a search.

      What type of food are you looking for?
      Price range? Ambiance? Occassion?

      Citrus Heights is kind of sparse as far as houndish places go. Lots of chains by the mall. There are adjoining communities however that have some nice places like Slocum House in Old Fair Oaks. Great food, fantstic patio (if you don't mind the chickens).

      SakeYa in Carmichael is great for Japanese food.

      Roseville has some good places. Mikuni is grreat for CA Sushi. granitos in granite Bay is great for Italian. Fats Asian Bistro is great for high end chinese and dim sum.
      La Provence is expensive but really good and has a great wine list. Piatti (Italian) is sometimes great, sometimes not. There is funky little pie place on Douglas, west of I 80 (at Keener) that has some really interesting pies and good sandwiches. The Roseville Auction has fresh produce ina huge farmers market. Alsdo Jimboy's Tacos.

      There is also a Carvers, Tahoe Joes, Black Angus and other chains.

      1. I like Lucille's BBQ in Rocklin, Koi Palace for Dim Sum at Thunder Valley Casino near Roseville and BJ's Restaurant & Brewery in Roseville for their beer.

        1. Again, please give us a specific location. Sacramento/Roseville/Citrus Heights is about 20-30 miles long with lots of options.