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Sep 14, 2007 07:20 PM

good eats in akumal

we are going to be in akumal for one week around xmas time. can anyone recommend some good restaurants in the area.
gracias por todos

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  1. I just returned from 9 days of pure Mexican/ Yucatan dining in the "Mexican Riviera" and my absolute new gold standard for quality in all respects is "Cueva del Pescador" in Akumal, not to be confused with Turtle Bay Cafe in Akumal which services the huddled tourist masses with overpriced mediocrity. Cueva del Pescador has a dedicated fisherman: a wizened, leathery-skinned, sinewy, mustachioed diver named Luiz who spears boquinette without damaging the fragile reef with 30 years of experience. I recommend the grilled whole fish with a sauce of roasted crunchy garlic nuggets. Their ceviche is shrimp, octopus, fish, cilantro, and a nice addition of coriander seed. Fabulous. Service, hygiene, friendliness, everything you want in a fine meal. I generally roam from Holbox to Corazol, but this is exceptionally good eating. If you want additional suggestions north or south we can be of assistance, but you are starting from a good place!