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Sep 14, 2007 07:05 PM

The search for BBQ begins.

Beginning a search for some finger-licking, earth shaking BBQ in or near Western Massachusetts. Hoping for some recommendations for those in the know. Have experienced Curtis's BBQ in Vermont and Bub's BBQ in Sunderland, MA. Socks weren't knocked off by either. Would like to have socks knocked off. Theodore's in Springfield is awesome but looking to expand to greater levels of sock knockage.

Any help would put some grill marks on my heart.
(which would be a good thing)

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  1. I liked Route 7 Grill in Great Barrington MA.

    1. I also liked Route 7 Grill in Great Barrington, but I'd definitely recommend the BBQ entrees over the appetizers. Although my socks weren't knocked off, you might want to give Smokin' Lil's in Northampton a try.

      For details, photos and web links of BBQ joints in New England, check

      1. Route 7 Grill is the way to go, but I am in agreement that the main dishes are very good- delicious- while the sides are weak.

        1. bt's smokehouse in brimfield. bit of a drive but worth every mile.

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            I'll second BT's Smokehouse, which I just visited Saturday. There's no roof, no bathroom, no bar and no seats (unless you count the couple of seats at the picnic tables), but the barbecue itself is well worth the drive. All of the meats I tried were moist, smoky and well seasoned.

          2. Thank you so much for the suggestions!! I am very exited and plan to visit these BBQ havens.

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              This is kind of far away but, P.J's in Saratoga Springs is fabulous. It's a traditional roadside BBQ with a lot of character, that serves excellent beef brisket, pulled pork and ribs. Saratoga Springs is also just a lovely little city and especially beautiful in the fall, so you could make a trip out of it.