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Sep 14, 2007 06:55 PM

Funky Ethnic Dive

Hey guys. My friends and I are looking for a fun, hole in the wall with exceptional, authentic food for tomorrow night. It can be any sort, we love everything! So hit us with your favorite neighborhood haunt where they barely speak english and the food is amazing.

The only criteria is cheap and in Manhattan proper. Thanks!!!

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  1. Oh Lord, nobody is going to answer a post with that title! Still, you might like
    Tulcingo del Valle (Mexican) on 10th Av near 47 st
    Cantoon Garden (Cantonese) on Elizabeth St
    Cong Ly (Vietnamese) on Hester St

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      1. re: Brian S

        Brian, anything you can suggest at Cong Ly?

        1. re: foodmonk

          The pho is awesome and I really like the bun as well.

        1. re: kpsquared

          Kuma Inn, very funky excellent food and service plus its BYOB so you wont get clobbered at check time.

          1. re: kpsquared

            Dok Suni is totally not divey. It's definitely a nice joint.