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Sep 14, 2007 06:27 PM

Alexander's Steakhouse questions...

I noticed some brief posts on alexanders...checked out the website spendy is the place? Waaayyy more than House of Prime Rib?...yes I know it's in a different league. Any other experiences people would like to tell about? I'm thinking b-day dinner for the spouse. We used to go to HoPR but they are too inconsistent for us to drag ourselves through traffic from the peninsula on a weekend night.

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  1. My previous response got disappeared. We enjoyed our dinner there. We haven't been to HoPR in years so can't compare prices but didn't think AS was out of line for its food, service and ambiance. I had the beef 4-ways and loved it -- sides are extra but one order will serve at least 3. With apps, entree, side and dessert (and free cotton candy), it's a lot of food, thus all the doggy bags. Your spouse should have a very happy birthday dinner there - enjoy!

    1. Dined there several times and have loved it. Do not order the prime rib though since it's not that great (it's stringy unless you like ordering your stuff medium or past that). The filet mignon is the best of the stuff I've tried there. The rib-eye is also good.

      Price-wise, it's $5-$10 more per entree, but no sides, so if you want those, factor that in. We were more than stuffed just eating stuff a la carte.

      I agree that HOPR is inconsistent. It can range from OK to heavenly, but as you say, not worth the drive through rush hour traffic.

      - Jon

      1. I felt it was overpriced. I think it was more than Ruth Chris's. But the ambience is fun

        1. I love Alexander's, one rec, if you can, when you set the reservation you can request your server. Last time I was there, we had Sabrina handle our table, and she was very knowledgeable and friendly and professional.

          The portions are very sizeable for pretty much any dish. I haven't had the Kobe yet, though there's been mixed reports on here about whether it's been worth it or not, so up to you.

          As far as price, I definitely think it's worth it in comparison to HofPR which I've been to about 5 times. eg, went with 3 friends last time, each ordered a main (non-Kobe, 2lb bone-in rib was awesome), 2 starters, 4 side dishes to share, each had a cocktail and 2 glasses of not too expensive($8-15 glasses) wine and dessert and the tab was about $120/person (tax&tip included) and we all took doggie baskets home of our mains which were each too much to finish.

          Next time I go, I'm thinking of trying their Iron Chef menu and seeing what I get. Not too bad at $155/person for 5-8 courses I think.