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Sep 14, 2007 05:29 PM


Have any of you tried Verve down in Columbia city? I was there last night and it was excellent! I highly recommend the boar cheek...

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  1. its good, although i found the menue a little limited. decent wine selections by the glass though and very reassonable.

    1. Things seemed off-kilter when I tried the place last night, although I will admit we came in shortly before their kitchen closed, so maybe they weren't prepared for us. Some things were underseasoned (crab bisque) and others were overseasoned (boar cheek, lemon risotto, crab saute in the crab-three-ways dish). The boeuf bourguignon was just right, though. I was curious about some other items on the menu, but arrived too late to place an order. Keep in mind that although they are open until 10pm on weeknights, the kitchen closes at 9.

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        I tried Verve this weekend and enjoyed it. Port-braised boar cheek w/ truffled mashed potatoes was quite good, though perhaps a bit oversalted as cholevu suggests. "Blasted" brussel sprouts with balsamic was tasty as well, with a crisp exterior reminiscent of the way I like kale, nearly dry-cooked. House salad was simple but palatable. I would note the prices are quite reasonable, although the entree was modestly sized, but with salad and "small plate" (and later dessert elsewhere) made for a nice light meal for two. I was impressed by the thoughtfully curated wine list, and I would suggest ordering only the "half" glasses, which are ample enough; the twice-as-pricy "full" glasses aren't really twice the pour. This way allows fro more sampling as well.

      2. We went to Verve for our Valentine's celebration and greatly enjoyed it. I think the menu is seasonal so what we ordered may not always be available. Anyrate, for starters we shared the rabbit pate and the blasted brussels---they were both very very yummy. I would have liked a thicker slice of pate but that may just be greed on my part. As someone else noted the brussel sprouts are dry cooked and very tasty--if you have bad memories of overcooked brussels sprouts from your youth, these just might redeem the poor sprout!

        For mains, I had the rabbit and my delightful husband had the lamb chops. Both were nicely done and the accompaning side dishes were well matched. The rabbit was boneless, wrapped in bacon and came with apples and potatoes. The lamb was rare, on the bone and came with a healthy amount of dinosauer kale ---it had lots and lots of garlic. The sauces on all the dishes were very tasty---we asked for more bread and it arrived right away.

        At the end, we split a piece of chocolate torte [the one with peanut butter and sea salt]---very rich and yummy and I can't imagine eatting a full piece.

        Wine-wise, we liked the options particularly the half glass. My husband was driving and the availability of the half glass allowed him to feel comfortable having wine with the meal. He wasn't sure what he wanted so he asked for a recommendation from our waiter. I was quite pleased that the waiter gave him two options, neither of which were the pricest glass on the menu. To me, thats the sign of a good wine place.

        Being the passenger, I picked one of the flights of half glasses and got 3 healthy tastes of 3 different wines.

        Water glasses were refilled promptly and service was attentive. The menu also listed both coffee and tea at a VERY reasonable price.

        We look forward to visiting again, particularly when our wine drinking friends are in town.

        1. Brunch! Verve is doing brunch now, and its great! House-cured pork belly-bacon, duck eggs and haloumi with tomato confit. Yum!