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Sep 14, 2007 05:14 PM

Henrietta's Table Review

Had a Sunday night dinner there and got the "yard sale" their 2 or 3 course (big quotes here) "deal" - I guess I'm not used to paying $17 for just a pork chop on a plate and having to order sides. Overall the food was bland, the iceberg lettuce salad with bleu cheese was terrible and I was berated by the bus man for not clearing my plate. The pork chop was way over done and the applesauce was a strange mix of pureed apples and julienned apple strips. The service was atrocious; in short it was a glorified cafeteria.

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  1. I've never had the rave experience others have had, here, so your post is not surprising to me. Sorry you wasted your time and cash.

    1. We have had a similar experience at HT at their famous Sunday Brunch. Decidedly uninspired, poorly executed, virtually tasteless, ordinary food. Although service was attentive, the size of our group - 8 - seemed to flummox them. Plus the drink I had on the rocks had crushed ice instead of cubes. Travesty!

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        Oh exactly - our waiter seemed completely put off by the fact I was ordering a drink that was not on their "cocktail menu" - it was in fact a manhattan

      2. Henrietta's Table is not the same as it was many years ago. They're just living off of past reviews and trapped hotel patrons. If you are stuck at the Charles Hotel the only place to eat is Noir. They don't have a dinner menu, but they're snack/sandwich menu is great. The skewers and falafel is very tasty. I just don't understand how a hotel w/3 restaurants (Henrietta's, Rialto & Noir) can have 2 restaurants that are so medicore (Henriatte's & Rialto) and Noir that has really good apps?

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          That's funny, I've never had anything but excellent food and great service in the Rialto dining room but have had lackluster food and service in the bar.

        2. Henrietta's Table is not a good dinner spot--Rialto across the way is the way to go for dinner if you're in the Charles. But HT breakfast (not brunch) is so great, not too expensive, hearty, etc. Not sure why dinner can't be the same way.