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Sep 14, 2007 04:58 PM

When is a lobster roll not a lobster roll? -- a report on Alive and Kicking Lobsters

Went recently to Alive and Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge to try their version of a lobster roll -- except that they call it a lobster sandwich. Here's a report:

Bread: they don't use rolls -- instead, they toast and butter two slices of scalia bread before scooping on the filling. It's an effective if unorthodox choice, the bread being of good quality and the butter imparting an extra splash of richness. There's no lettuce or other distractions.

Filling: this is really more the lobster salad type of entity, with a modest amount of mayo, smaller chunks and shreds of lobster meat, and no celery or other items. There's a nice sweetness to the filling, perhaps indicating fresh-picked meat. No large hunks, though.

They include a small bag of Ruffles potato chips with the order. Price is $12.95, a good deal for this kind of item.

Ambiance: this is primarily a no-frills store selling fresh seafood, with little else on the menu besides the lobster sandwich, though they do bottle their own sodas (didn't try one). Surprisingly, there is a small picnic tabled eating area outside that evokes the feel of a clam shack, with a covered area draped in fishing nets festooned with plastic sea creatures.

I enjoyed it, though it may perhaps not be everyone's idea of the perfect lobster roll.

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  1. It's good for a fix if you're in the area, for sure. And there's not much better than warm toasted and buttered scali bread. Not my favorite, but definitely worth it in the 'hood.

    1. i could be wrong but....
      you words of sweetness and shredded meat sound to me like it may have a bit of crab in it
      crab meat is sweet lobster really is not and crab meat shreds easier
      crab tends to be less expensive

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      1. re: foodperv

        No - No - it is most definitely all lobster. The freshest of the fresh. We have had this delictable sandwich several times now and love every bite. Granted..... the traditional New England lobster roll is revered. But this is really the quintessential variation on a theme. And so quietly too. Eat and enjoy!

      2. I had a 'lobster roll' once in NJ on a hamburger bun, lobster and mayo w/some celery. Can't remember if the roll was toasted, now I'm resigned to thinking that all lobster rolls use canned lobster so the roll is hardly important -- though toasted bread or a hamburger bun would still be startling if I fell into a situation where I was forced to order a 'canned lobster roll.'.

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        1. re: steinpilz

          I was visiting family in Mashpee a few weeks ago and had an amazing lobster roll at the Raw Bar in Popponesset Market ..... I live in the midwest now, so took the attached pic for the memories - this is all lobster ; just a touch of mayo, salt & pepper. Pure Cape Cod .... Unforgetable !