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Sep 14, 2007 04:57 PM

Christopher Elbow Chocolates - Kansas City

I'm interested in picking up a box of Christopher Elbow chocolate when I come to Kansas City.

Their website gives the impression that they do not have their own store front----but says their chocolate can be found at Halls Department Stores.

Where do you purchase Christopher Elbow in Kansas City?

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  1. Hall's does carry Christopher Elbow chocolates. However, you could visit his brand new store at 1819 McGee. The website will provide you with the details you need. Cool place.

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    1. He has his own shop now. It's at about 18th and one block east of Grand. It also has a hot chocolate bar in it. You can also buy these at Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard on 95th and Mission.

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        I did visit their store on McGee ST in Kansas City. It's not very noticable and is easy to miss, but I did go there and enjoyed it very much. I ordered a box of assorted chocolates and had a mocha coffee. The windows in the back of their store look into their candy kitchen.

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          i disagree that it's not noticeable since it has an orange and brown "awning" on the front, but it is in a part of the Crossroads (18th and McGee) that is not as vibrant yet as the area west of Main. His chocolates are amazing and beautiful and his new space is very modern and cool. I can't wait for the colder weather to try his "drinking chocolate".

          1. re: mpollmann

            Do you know if he's doing chocolate classes in his new space? I know he had mentioned it a while back. (I keep asking for the drinking chocolate for Christmas or my birthday, and no one is taking the hint!! Grrrr! ;-)

            1. re: Katie Nell

              I didn't ask about it, but I didn't see any promotions for classes while I was there.....

      2. the fixture in Chris's bathroom alone is reason to visit his shop. This is a must go to for anyone in KC who loves / likes chocolate.

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          I didn't know there was a bathroom..

        2. Try christopher elbows new coffee its great!

          1. Christopher Elbow was available in limited quantity at Halls in the candy section. (Halls - Plaza). If you cannot make it to his store.