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Sep 14, 2007 04:47 PM

to celebrate a birthday...

i have been volunteered to bake/bring a creation in to celebrate 2 upcoming birthdays in the office. i love to bake.. cookies... and dont have that much experience with actual CAKE, although i have tried a handful of times and have been quite successful.

i'm open to any ideas (perhaps a big brownie?) other than cake that would be good for sharing and well received in lieu of a cake. what do you think?

there are quite a few health-conscious folks in the group that always opt-out whenever we have a birthday celebration cake.

therefore i have 2 options:

1) bake/make something healthy
2) bake/make something TASTY

is there a good mid-point where i can do both? any recommendations? if not, do you have any good recipes for either option??

THANK YOU-- the hounds always save my day :)

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