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Sep 14, 2007 04:44 PM

Best Seafood Restaurant around Boca/Del Rey

what is the best seafood restaurant in the area?


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  1. In Boca Raton on Glades Rd (just East of I-95) there is a place hidden in a shopping center called Gold Coast Seafood. A bit of an older crowd but the food is excellent and so is the service. Very reasonably priced.

    1. McCormick and Schmidts in the shopping center across from FAU is terrific- it is chain but a HIGH end chain..I call it the Ruth Chris of Seafood.
      It is in the same shopping center as PF Changs

      1. Fara it's Delray Beach not Del Rey. Might help when you google restaurants. Atlantic has a nice fish restaurant called Blue something (Oyster maybe) on the north side right in the middle

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          interesting, my grandparents have lived in Boynton my entire life and I always thought it was "Del rey."

        2. Andy, I don't know if I would call McCormick and Schmick's "HIGH end". It's not cheap but the dinner menu shows mostly $18 to appx $28 entrees. These days sad to say that doesn't strike me as extremely high.

          Smartie, the Delray place you are thinking of is probably City Oyster.

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            yes thanks it's City Oyster. Ate there once and it was good. I am showing my age as I always associate it with Blue Oyster Cult!