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Sep 14, 2007 04:34 PM

Murray Hill Best Bets?

Any recommendations for good food of any cuisine in the Murray Hill area. I've been to Grand Sichuan.


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  1. Ali Baba, Ethos, Artisanal, Penelope, Waterfront Ale House

    1. Sarge's, Notaro, Benjamin's, La Petite Auberge, Artisanal. You will find many posts on this board that answer your question.

      1. Da Ciro--relaxed Italian w/ great brick oven dishes.

        I live in Murray Hill and have long wanted to go to Penelope but have never been. The reason: the wait for brunch, in particular, is ridiculous and they don't take reservations

        1. Along with others on this thread we are big fans of Artisanal.

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          1. Artisnal hands down and nose up. When you walk in this place you better like cheese. A wall of glorious cheeses attacks your nose and welcomes you once you open the door. They have an incredible cheese cellar and their menu is a typical french bistro fare. The wines are well chosen and the high ceilings and decor make for a great place to impress friends or out of town guests. We go here when we want to celebrate after work.

            Wolfgang's steakhouse is a good place as well nearby if cheese offends you.

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              Funny story, we were there a few months back and we got the table in the cave. There was a large party be seated nearby and one of the group was commenting/complaining to someone else in the group that the whole restaraunt spelled like cheese!