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Sep 14, 2007 04:33 PM

Okinomiyaki in TO?

First off, apologies if I've misspelled it. Does anyone know of a place where one can find authentic okinomiyaki in the city? I have fond memories of being in an okinomiyaki place in Osaka with a cold Asahi and I'd love to have it here.

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  1. Yes, there is a place called Okonomi House near Yonge and Bloor.

    It is spelled okonomiyaki :
    )I haven't been here yet, but funny that you mention this place because I am planning on meeting a friend here for lunch on Sunday!! I'm assuming that the hours listed on that site actually meant to say 12pm - 10pm and 12pm - 8pm for the weekend, right?

    Anybody have recommendations for what to order.. how does it work? Do you pick your ingredients.....?

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      i was gonna go have one there today, but they don't open for another half hour from when i got there and i was REALLY hungry to stick around. can someone please report back their findings.

      1. re: sumashi

        They have some standard items but you can add more toppings, if I remember correctly. They also have other items like teriyaki. Be warned that ventilation isn't that good and you'll come out smelling like you've been cooking all day. (I haven't been there this year so things might have changed.)

        Also, you can get okonomi mix and do it yourself.

        1. re: sumashi

          You pick which okonomiyaki you want off the menu, but it's not cooked at the table like a lot of the places in Osaka. It's pretty good, and they're pretty generous with the toppings, which is good, because IMO, the bonito flakes make a big difference. Still, I've made better at home with okomiyaki powder and some nice pork belly or bacon, and some sweet chinese cabbage.

          1. re: sumashi

            So I went to Okonomi House yesterday for lunch. Service was pretty fast once I was seated. The okonomiyaki was pretty good, although I have nothing really to compare it to :) But there were generous portions of the meat and a whole container of bonito flakes. I put a lot of the aonori since they gave me the shaker. Overall, it was a good meal at a decent price.
            I only remembered to take a picture after I started eating :)

            1. re: sumashi

              was yours a seafood one? i think i can see a calamari in there .. looks yummy though!

              1. re: jennjen18

                actually, it's a chicken okonomiyaki and i put a lot of bonito flakes on top :)

                prices, in case anybody is curious:
                either 5.60 to around 6.00 for all the single topping orders...
                it's an extra 50 cents for the bonito flakes and aonori.

                1. re: sumashi

                  Not worth eating without the aonori and bonito flakes!

          2. For Osaka-style okonomiyaki in TO, Okonomi House isn't bad. I particularly like the combo of pork and squid, but I find their one spoonful of mayo insufficient (but then again, I'm more for mayo, while others are anti-mayo for okonomiyaki). It's not crisp enough or as thick as I'd like and I don't think there's any beni-shoga in it. But again, it's pretty decent and cheaper than a plane ticket to Osaka.

            And I hope this won't be too much of a digression, but if anyone knows of a place which serves Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, please do tell!

            1. Couple of other places to try Osaka-style okonomiyakis:
              Otabe at the far eastern end of Queen St. in the Beaches (may not be on their menu but you can ask them to make it).
              Miyabi on West Beaver Creek in Richmond Hill.