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Sep 14, 2007 04:28 PM


My wife and I have created a problem for ourselves. 35 years ago we were able to furnish out kitchen with amazing cookware from Charles F. Lamalle in New York and E. Dehillerin in Paris. Now our children have their own kitchens and want things like clay marmites and toupins from Vallauris along with a host of other things. Short of a trip to France, does anyone know any place that does mail order of this type of thing?


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    1. Paliman, I don't know where you live, but Arthur Quentin here in Montréal has a wide selection of cookware and other "arts de la table" from France:

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        Thank you. I actually live in Los Angeles.

        Perhaps I misread the site, but I only found Mauviel in cookware. It does look like an amazing store for other items. Is there another store in Montreal which has French pots, poele, and kitchen tools? It would give me an excuse to visit friends. Thanks.

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          Arthur Quentin has many things other than Mauviel. I'll try to think of other places.

          I thought you might live in or around NYC, because of your initial post, in which case you could simply drive up.

          You might want to ask the question on the Québec board as well. Good luck.

      2. I think we are looking for the same French pottery. I have several pieces of pottery marked Vallauris. They are unglazed on the outside and have a reddish brown glaze on the inside. One of my favorite pieces is cracked, and I would like to replace it. If anyone knows a source for the Vallauris pottery I'd really like to know what it is.

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          I was in Vallauris more than 10 years ago hoping to buy some of these beautiful pots. I found only one shop that had a few and also had a wood-fired kiln to show how these pot had been fired. I was told the pot are no longer made because it is against the law to fire with wood! So another tradition has been snuffed out (literally). I bought the lat 6 pots including one skillet with a crack.

          All the shops in Vallauris were filled with brightly coloured and, I thought, hideous stuff but I am sure it is very popular with tourists.

          I keep looking online and hoping to find some more of these wonderful traditional pots but I don't like my chances. I think the only hope is to search the secondhand shops and markets around France but that is a long way from where I live in Australia!

          Good luck. Perhaps in the meantime somebody has realised the beauty of this tradition and are firing them in electric kilns.