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Sep 14, 2007 03:50 PM

Santa fe in October

I will be in Santa Fe in October celebrating my wifes birthday. I want a great restaurant and have heard from friends that Fuego is the way to go. Any feedback?

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  1. Fuego definitely isn't bad but I believe the consensus on this board would be that the following are better:

    Geronimo, Aqua Santa, Compound and Inn of the Anasazi (now that Martin Rios is the chef) and, perhaps, Coyote Cafe, La Casa Sena and Santacafe.

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    1. re: bhoward

      As a Santa Fe resident and frequent diner, here is my opinion: Geronimo: Great food, Terrible Wine list. La Casa Sena: Great Wine Program, Terrible food. Coyote Cafe: On a downward spiral. Santa Cafe: Not what it once was, also sprialing downward.

      If you are going to spend that kind of money:

      Fuego: Avgjoke, Go for it, you wont regret it. Great Cheese program
      Trottoria Nostrani: Excellent wine list and food

      1. re: berty

        Geronimo--not a great wine list but not terrible, either;
        La Casa Sena--good food but not as good as some other places;
        Coyote Cafe--very good the last times I was there and other reports I have received confirm that;
        Trattoria Nostrani--...and a bizarre "no fragrance" policy!

        1. re: bhoward


          Geronimos Wine list is limited and overpriced.
          For instance based on the list on line at:

          Domaine Serene Evanstad
          Wholesale:$40.00, Geronimo $145
          Stags Leap Artemis
          Wholesale:$36.00 Geronimo $130

          This is almost a 4x markup, while most restaurants will mark up only 2.5x

          Although Nostrani has a "bizarre" policy, they have great food and a wonderful wine list.

          What is your experience at Fuego?

          1. re: berty

            I didn't say the Geronimo wine list wasn't limited or overpriced; I said it wasn't "terrible" and it isn't.

            I didn't say Nostrani didn't have great food; I said it had a bizarre "fragrance policy" and it does.

            I like Fuego--both eating there and having a drink in the great bar.

            1. re: bhoward

              Im glad we agree on something. I really think Fuego and Staab House bar are two hidden secrets in Santa Fe

    2. Fuego for sure, we will be in Santa Fe the beginning of October and have plans to dine there that Friday evening. We have been there twice before and have never been dissapointed.

      1. I recently returned from Santa Fe and, as planned, ate in Fuego. The experience was phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone staying in Santa Fe. It was expensive ($1000.00 for 4 people including some great wine pairings) but you can definitley dine there cheaper if you choose.

        Patrick, the captain, is one of the most knowledgable servers I have ever experienced.

        Thanks for all the input from other chowhounds but I am happy i stayed with my original choice.

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        1. re: avgjoke

          $250 per person? Alain Ducasse prices in Santa Fe? Must have been some great wine. Do you think their wine list was reasonable or overpriced?

          1. re: IslayMan

            Well, its was my wifes birthdady so we did overindulge. We started with a Grande Dame 96. I think it was about $270. We had some half bottles and then a full Chambolle Musigny that was around $200 for the main course. We had paid for fice courses but theyu gave us two extra as well so although expensive, i really thought it was a great value.

        2. Our favorite restaurants in town are El Farol (very nice tapas restaurant) and Tomasita's (cheap casual mexican restaurant).