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Sep 14, 2007 03:38 PM

Challenge: recycling baby cereal!

I have 2 partial boxes of rice cereal and 1 partial of baby oatmeal that have not been opened in months. I could just throw them out. But I thought it might be fun to see what I could cook with it that would be palatable to adults.

Baked goods? Soup thickener? Other ideas? The flakes are extremely fine so I'm not sure how they'd do for coating protein before a saute...

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    1. How about indian rice flour pudding?

        1. re: bulavinaka

          I'd consider all the suggestions above!

          I've been wondering if they can be cooked in the same way one would cook polenta, or grits, putting into a greased pan, letting cool, slicing and frying. A friend showed me about fried grits, and I remember my father making fried oatmeal that way.


          1. re: violabratsche

            I think that's a great idea. The texture of baby cereal is very smooth - I think a polenta-like dish would work well...

            In Chinese cuisine, there's something that roughly translates into "carrot cake," or "turnip cake," where rice flour is used. It's a savory dish that roughly resembles polenta where the rice flour is mixed with water or stock, then you add in a mix of diced or shredded carrots or turnips (daikon works well), that have been sauteed with some diced pork and shallots and/or garlic. Some folks will even add dried shrimp in addition to or in place of the pork, along with some scallions. This whole mix is poured into a pan - any shallow pan for baking cakes will do - then steamed in a pan until done. This is then cut into squares about the size of a brownie and then pan-fried to get a nice browning on each side, then served with oyster sauce. Some folks like to cut it up into smaller cubes to get more browning, then they might even add egg in the hot pan where the egg then scrambles and coats the cubes. It's home-style comfort food for alot of Chinese and can usually be found in one form or another at sim sum joints.

        2. I actually have a full box myself that the baby out grew. I was thinking maybe that I could use it as a breading for chicken or fish? The flakes are sort of slick and flat though? Maybe it would be gummy? Or deep fried at high heat?
          What a great challenge! I sure hate throwing it away and don't know of any other young babies.

          1. I don't know how old your kids are, but I have seen recipes for making toddler cookies out of baby cereal. Apparently you can make really hard biscuits out of them, which is ideal for teething kids.