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Sep 14, 2007 03:02 PM

Quick dinner in Center City Philly

Hi all,

You've been so helpful in the past with my trips to Philly... I thought I'd post again. I'll be in Center City for most of the day tomorrow (sat) and was looking for a nice quick/ish dinner. We've got one vegetarian with us. We'd like a moderately priced meal. I just didn't want to deal with someplace that was hard to get into or would have a long wait. We need to be at The Tower Theater for a show at 8... so I'm thnking dinner around 6ish.

Places I've enjoyed in the past:

Audrey Claire
Fri, Sat, Sun
Beau Monde

So I don't want to do any of these again. I was thinking about Tria?


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  1. Oops sorry.. I meant to ask about Jones/Washington Square... are they relatively ok at this time/day? I'm not sure how crowded they get.

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    1. re: jodik

      Washington Square is not OK at any time..

      If you'd rather eat closer to the Tower so you don't have to worry about the time too much, there is a good Vietnamese place near there called Little Saigon. There's also Sol de Peru, but I'm not sure what your vegetarian could get there.

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        Tria is one of my favorite places, but it is always packed, rather noisy, and somehow ends up being as expensive as a full meal even when you order a few small plates. In the same neighborhood, you can get a quick meal at Bellini, La Fontana, Devon, or even DiPietro's

      2. One of my favorites is Chloe, on 2d Street. BYO, very good food, small and cozy, although not a huge menu so I'm not sure whether there would be enough choices for your vegetarian. If you go, try the grilled Caesar salad. Sounds weird, tastes good. If you go at sixish, you shouldn't have trouble getting in, and it's not too expensive since you bring your own drinks. Also the Continental Diner is good and not far from there (Market and 2d or 3d, I think).

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        1. re: 2littletime

          I'm vegetarian and Chloe always works, but with no reservation and in a rush, I would try for a place you can make a reservation.

        2. Bistro 7 is excellent. It is in old city. They always have veggetarian choices. It is usually pretty easy to get into even on a sat evening. It is byo tho.

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          1. re: joluvscards

            I've looked at the menu and have never seen anything vegetarian. All the entrees seem to have meat or fish...

            1. re: saturninus

              Last time we were there I had this as an entree:

              Potato Gnocchi tossed with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Fresh Cut Corn and Baby Squash with toasted garlic, sage and freshly grated pecorino Romano • appetizer 12 / entrée 24

          2. Sahara has good Middle Eastern food, both met and vegetable choices. Cedars, in Queen Village, is even better, but the location may not be as convenient for you. Both have efficient service.

            1. Thanks for all the recommendations! These are good to know. We ended up eating a late lunch at The Wrap Shack in Old City. The traffic was UNREAL on saturday on 95. We really enjoyed our wraps though.

              And we were going to grab pizza and Lorenzos on South Street or a falafel at Maoz, but settled on a water ice b/c we weren't too hungry.

              We tried to get into Tria but it was packed. I took a menu though and it looks very yummy.

              Philly is an amazing food town!

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              1. re: jodik

                I don't know what people at Chowhound think about Jones but if I saw this post earlier, I would have recommended against it. It's too hip for its own good, and the food is uninteresting and over-priced. Again, this is just my opinion.