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Help! Yellow and red pepper bumper crop

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What to do with all of them, I must have 50 coming in next week, all gorgeously orange and red, I am thinking about grilling? freezing? Ack! I never had this many before.

Anyone have ideas?

I think pepper plants like growing in my new garden boxes..omg. So.


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  1. Oh you are so lucky! I use a basque preparation...roast them, let them sweat a few minutes, and then peel and seed. Heat some olive oil, sliver some garlic, and gently brown the garlic. Throw in the peppers - I usually cut into big strips - and saute for several minutes. I add a little sugar at the end, and then let them cool. WONDERFUL! I freeze them in "blobs" on a cookie sheet, then double bag in freezer-quality bags. Great in anything, soup, stews, sauces, you name it!

    THey would be great grilled, too.

    1. Do stuffed peppers freeze?

      Roast and jar?

      1. 1) Just cut them up and freeze them in plastic bags. 2) Saute some with onions (and meat if you wish) and freeze as base for pasta sauce. 3) Stuffed peppers do freeze, best in lots of tomato sauce to keep everything moist.

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          Thanks guys, I am going to try most of that this week. It's really appreciated.

        2. I love Red Pepper soup! Saute pepper chunks in EVOO and garlic until tender, blend in blender with chicken stock, until a nice thick consistency. Add cream, sour cream, half and half, even parm if desired. But even with NO dairy, this soup will taste rich and delcious! A huge favorite of mine.

          1. I also like a chutney with red peppers, onions, golden raisins, sun dried tomato, and EVOO, sauteing and simmering until all cooked together. Serve on crostini with roasted garlic and cambazola cheese for a GREAT flavor combination!

            1. Lucky you! Can you mail some to me? Stuffed peppers with rice and meat or veggies freeze really well and will remind you of summer's bounty in January. Let me know if you need some recipes.

              I also keep a freezer bag of diced or sliced assorted colored peppers in the freezer and they are great for sauteed vegetables, quiche, strata or omelet fillings, lots of things you can do with them.

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                Thanks so much you guys! I have made stuffed peppers using italian sausage, rice and lots of parmesan cooked in a simple tomato sauce. I have frozen the rest of the peppers after cutting them up. The stuffed peppers were awesome...and even though I made plenty, none to freeze because I have such a huge household, most disapeared and the rest used for lunches...
                This was fun! Thanks!

              2. Red Pepper Puree
                4 large red bell peppers (2 lb.)
                1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

                1. Preheat oven to 475. Line a roasting pan with enough foil to fold over the top later. Put peppers in the pan and roast, turning every 10 minutes, until they collapse, about 40 min.

                2. Remove pan from oven, fold foil over peppers, and allow to cool.

                3. Over a bowl to catch the liquid, remove and discard the core, seeds and skin.

                4. Put the pepper pulp in a food processor with about 2 tablespoons of the liquid and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Turn on the processor and add the oil slowly through the feed tube. Adjust salt and oil as necessary.

                This is the perfect dip for bread or raw veggies, as a side for any Italian dish and almost anything else you can imagine.