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Fresh City Cafe

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There's a new place that's opening up by me called Fresh City Cafe. Has anybody been to one of these? Any feedbacks would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I've only had tea (good), brownies (ok) and a bagel with cream cheese, at the Livingston, NJ FC. I like it for comfortable clean seating, friendly help, but mostly the FREE Wi-Fi. (With power plugs conviently situated) (Unlike the crowded Starbuck's, across the street, which is small, less comfy, and you have to PAY T-Mobile to connect.
    FC's food looks appealing, but I've never really tried it.

    1. I've only had their Cobb salad wrap, but I've enjoyed it every time. It's a little expensive but they give you big portions.

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        I think I paid more than $6.29 for the wrap the last time I went in, but this was about a year ago. Maybe the prices are slightly different in different locations? I could be wrong.

      2. Their sandwiches are okay. We get them occasionally catered to our office for meetings.