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Sep 14, 2007 01:50 PM

Far East Taste - Eatontown.

Went to Far East last night. Now I know that Richard is no longer there, but I have to say the food is still outstanding. I had my usual Pad Thai Shrimp and Massman Chicken Curry. I didn't bother to ask where Richard was, as I'm sure he's still on 'vacation'! Has anyone noticed any slip in food quality?

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  1. In my recent experiences, the food at Far East Taste is just as good. And I feel the quality is more consistent than before Richard left.

    1. Fortunately, I've felt no food quality slippage either. I hear Richard's fishing...

      1. Our company gets dinner from Far East Taste every week for everyone - and it's gotten better. :) Only in that it's actually spicy now and not totally bland. But their food hasn't changed.

        1. I have noticed a slip recently (got take out). Lo Mein was yellow instead of the normal brown color, broke when pulled from the carton, and was completely missing the signature long-cut scallions. Everything fried rice was missing the everything - it was basically pea and carrot fried rice- gone were the formerly plentiful roast pork, shrimp, chicken, and egg bits. Basil Fish was not as good as I had remembered - a bit overcooked and light on the fish.

          Maybe it was an off night, I wont give up on them after just one average meal. Does anyone know if Richard is coming back?

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            I went there probably last summer and did not go back. I always get the General Tsos chicken as it is all white meat. We got it to go and looked at and wondered what this was. It was not the normal Generals, it had some sort of vegetables in it and was not too good.