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Sep 14, 2007 01:06 PM

Cheesemaking Courses in Manhattan

My husband told me last night that it would be his dream to someday own a small farm and become a cheesemaker (who knew!), with cows and sheep and goats wandering free (escorted by a gaggle of Norfolk Terriers - see avatar). I see that Murray's offers an introductory cheese making course, and wonder if anyone has attended - or knows of other options in Manhattan for such courses?


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    1. Just took the mozzarella making course at Artisanal and I thought it was good. The teacher was informative and we got to sample alot of different cheeses. I thought the class was too big to really have too much hands on. They gave us curd to take home to try again and we made it last night with heirloom tomatoes and olive oil. It makes me want to try again, but it is definitely beginner, not much depth.

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