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Sep 14, 2007 12:39 PM

Salad Lovers - I need your help...

Where can I find the best salad in LA? And what exactly makes a great salad anyways?

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  1. There have been a couple of lengthy threads recently on great salads in LA. Here are the links:

    1. 26 Beach has about 23 entree salads and they make all their dressings.

      26 Beach
      3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

      1. tender greens is yummy. although pricey.

        1. Yesterday I tried Loose Leaf in Downtown LA near the Standard. You choose your greens, four toppings, meat/tofu, and dressings. I got the spinach greens, tofu, pine nuts, grilled peppers, goat cheese, corn, and avocado dressing. Yummy! I just wish they were open on weekends. Don't know if it would be the best salad in LA, but it was satisfying for my dinner last night.

          I say the best salads have whatever it is you're craving at the moment. And fresh ingredients, of course. They are so versatile. At home you can throw in whatever you have in the fridge...apples, pears, raisins, cheese, eggplant, nuts, edible flowers from your yard, jicima, left-over chicken...anything.

          Loose Leaf
          630 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

          1. The best salad has a good balance of flavors and textures, and is made up of fresh, preferably local ingredients. If one can find stuff made from produce bought stright from the farmer, you're better off. A good salad is not drenched in dressing or smothered in creamy meat "salads" such as tuna salad.

            A good salad bar provides a wide array of fresh and attractive greens, legumes, meats and cheeses and is kept neat, clean and freshly stocked.

            Good salad places offer a variety of meat and meatless salads and allow the customer to swap out or leave out ingredients and perhaps add for a small fee. they should make salads fresh to order for each customer!

            for prepared salads I like Stanley's, Il tiramisu, The Sherman oaks Marmalade, Cedar House cafe's fatoush, Boneyard Bistro, Follow you Heart and the Natural Gourmet and Hugo's

            For salad bars, I like Gelson's, Mrs Winston's The Dressing Room and Whole Foods