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Sep 14, 2007 12:01 PM

Cha sui bao in San Diego?

Any suggestions on where to get good cha sui bao? I've tried them at Lucky Star, Jasmine, Emerald, and Hong Kong BBQ but haven't found a really good one yet. I use to go to Hong Kong Low in L.A. to stock up once a year but they went out of business.

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    1. Imperial Mandarin
      3904 Convoy St # 102
      San Diego, CA 92111
      (858) 292-1222

      Absolutely the best char siu bao in the city.

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      1. re: buddha

        I'll give them a try. I use to go there when they had the lunch buffet years ago. Thanks!

      2. Bakery near Seoul Garden on Convoy

        1. If you're looking for fresh then the baked Char Siu Bao at China Max for dim sum is pretty good. Not sure about the steamed ones though, I prefer baked myself so we almost never order the steamed ones.

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          1. re: mliew

            I was looking for steamed ones but I like the baked ones too so I'll give them a try!

            1. re: surfer1966

              I'm sure their steamed CSB are also pretty good. Overall most of their dim sum is very good, especially by San Diego standards. Only thing I would not recommended ordering there during dim sum is their gai lan.

              1. re: mliew

                I stopped by China Max for lunch today. I liked the baked ones better than the steamed ones. They were both pretty good.

                1. re: surfer1966

                  I stopped by Imperial Mandarin this weekend and they have the best steamed cha sui bao I have found so far. Thanks for the suggestion!