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Sep 14, 2007 11:58 AM

please help an overwhelmed nychound with her picks

ciao, hounds!

i am feeling ultra overwhelmed combing through your boards for top picks. so many choices! can you help with places i've come up with so far, and add to or amend the list? i will be in town for thursday night - saturday morning in the beginning of october. i'm staying in the soma area and do not have a car (but i guess cabs are pretty easy to get?)

so: arriving late thursday night. would like to go to a wine bar with good food. i was thinking yield, since i just saw an article in the ny times about it. i'd like a nice, unpretentious wine bar, cozy and friendly with yummy little eats. suggestions?

friday: i will be alone for most of the day, thought of going to:
1. ferry building for breakfasty things
2. good pho for lunch - i just went on a trip to vietnam and am so missing the food - of course, i was in hoi an so i wasn't having northern vietnamese, but... there's really no good vietnamese in nyc. i wanted to go to turtle tower, but it's so very far for one with no car! or maybe it's actually not that far? any recommendations?
3. Can people study/do work at Tartine cafe, or is that not possible? Does anyone have recs for a good study cafe in the vicinity of soma?
4. zuni cafe for dinner (from what i gather, seems sort of touristy, but i love their cookbook so much...)

i mostly need help on those two days. any recommendations would be much appreciated! thank you!

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  1. Zuni's a must if you love their cookbook.

    Yield's a block from a T-line streetcar stop. It's probably the least pretentious wine bar in the city, very neighborhoody place.

    SOMA's a big neighborhood, about one mile by two. Depending on where you are in SOMA, the Turtle Tower on Larkin is between half a mile and two and a half miles, not much of a walk for the New Yorkers I know. From some parts of SOMA there's near-direct bus service. The whole city of SF is only 7 x 7.

    You're leaving too early Saturday morning to hit the Ferry Plaza farmers market?

    1. Turtle Tower is not too far from SOMA or downtown, you can get there no problem walking or taking bus or taxi.

      Tartine is not really a good studying cafe - it's too crowded. I am trying to think if I know of a good studying cafe nearish to SOMA.....there are definitely places in the Mission that would work, like Atlas Cafe, which isn't *that* far from SOMA. But like Robert says, it depends on what part of SOMA you're in.

      I agree w/ Robert that if you can, hit up the Ferry Building on Saturday morning before you leave.

      1. Can people study/do work at Tartine cafe, or is that not possible? Does anyone have recs for a good study cafe in the vicinity of soma?

        For me, Tartine would be way too crazy to study. If you are in SOMA then you can try 2 places. Cafe Centro is in South Park, but they close at 4pm I think. Crossroads Cafe is another good spot (699 Delancey St) where they make great egg sandwiches and scones. The coffee at both places is ok, nothing spectacular. Crossroads gets a little loud on weekend mornings, but it's big enough that you can choose a table to isolate yourself from all the noise.

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        1. wow, thanks for all the recs. i guess i looked at the map and it seemed really far away, but i'm thinking in terms of maps of manhattan. i am leaving too early on saturday morning to hit the farmers market! boo.