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Sep 14, 2007 11:55 AM

Resource for canning jars - east bay?

Anyone care to recommend a good place to get a wide variety of glass canning jars? I have the usual from the hardware store, but would like to find some more gift-worthy jars.

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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm also looking for bottles for vinegar, oils, liqueurs, etc. Again, gift- worthy.

    1. Sur la Table has some fancy ones.

      1. I know you specificed East Bay for your query, but I thought it might be of interest to others to note that Rainbow (in San Francisco) has an array of different jars and bottles for sale. They are probably not as fancy as the Sur la Table variety, but they have a nice old-fashioned look.

        Over the summer I've been making jam once a week with fruit from Alemany; I buy all of my canning supplies at Rainbow.

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          What is your source for jam recipes/technique? Thanks,,,a bit of a newbie with jamming...

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            The Ball Blue Book is a great place to start -- I got some jars at the big Longs on Pleasant Valley the other night and they had a bunch of copies. Go straight to the back of the store, towards your left as you're walking back.

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              I recommend scanning the Home Cooking board here on Chowhound, drinkport. There are quite a few discussions there, and some extremely experienced and knowledgeable posters there with great advice and recommendations. And I agree with JasmineG that the Ball Blue Book is a great basic resource for accurate canning info.

          2. Cal Glass has a wide variety of containers. They are near the Oakland airport. However, I think they have a $200 minimum.

            California Glass
            A Saxco Company
            155 98th Avenue
            Oakland, CA 94603-1003
            Tel: (510) 635-7700
            Fax: (510) 635-4288

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              Their website says the minimum order if $500 for domestic, $1,000 for international orders. Too bad...

            2. Crate and Barrel outlet on Fourth St. in Berkeley has these bottles -- same brand as some of the fancier jars sold at Rainbow.