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Sep 14, 2007 11:16 AM

Strip House: still got it?

I have looked at lots of threads debating the gold standard for NYC steakhouses. I know about Luger's, been there, love it (but can't get in on Monday when we want to go). In recent years I've been converted to the Strip House. Been there many times but the last couple of visits have left me with a feeling (if somewhat vague) that it was slipping. Has anyone else had this experience? And if so, where are you going these days? Never been to Keen's or Sparks and one of those would probably be my next venture. Thanks.

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  1. I liked Strip House a lot when I was there most recently (last year). I just visited Keens. That mutton chop is as amazing as everyone says. I was very impressed. I usually go to steakhouses to have a good time with the guys and don't get TOO caught up in the food, but I am still raving about that mutton chop. The sides were good too, and my friends were happy with their steaks. Most shockingly, they had a bordeaux on the menu that was only $50 and actually was well developed and much better than the more expensive Cabernet we ordered.

    I've been to Sparks several times for corporate and personal dinners and have never really gotten what is so great about it. The strip steak covered in blue cheese (steak fromage) is good for a bite or two, but then it makes me feel ill. I have not been that impressed with other cuts I have had there either. It wasn't bad, just not awesome, and it lacks a lot in the way of atmosphere and quality of sides, in my opinion, whereas Strip House does not. However, Sparks does have a good wine list.

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      I want to try Keens but thought their sides were pretty standard fare looking at the menu. Which are the standouts?

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        I am not a huge fan of Keen's and I have tried it several times. The steaks are average along with everything else. I feel the strip house is a far better option if you dont mind the wait you have even with reservations.

    2. What about Wolfgang's? It's a great option when a Lugers reservation isn't possible.

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        I agree with jonasblank about Keen's. The mutton chop and prime rib are great. The atmosphere is very low key and relaxing and the wait staff are very accommodating. Wolfgang's is good, too.

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          Keen's creamed spinach didn't really rate. The carrots in brown butter and white asparagus were good.

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            Here are photos of Keen's mutton chop and prime rib.

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              been to strip house only twice but by far the best steak ive ever had. once you get past the prices you can have a great meal.

              1. re: ricky7

                Was at Strip House two weeks ago, and although my ribeye was over cooked, I would consider everything about the same. I really enjoyed the creamed spinach, though, and didn't remember it being as good as it was.

        2. How are the prices at Strip House? Seems like everyone says they are expensive but are they any more than the typical NY steakhouse. I.E. 80 dollars for porterhouse for 2, 45 for ribeye?

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            Comparable. Last trip was about $160 for porterhouse for 2, 1 salad, 2 sides, 1 chocolate cake, 2 glasses of wine, tax + tip.

            1. re: Lucia

              How does their porterhouse compare to some of the best in the city? Have you had Luger's and does it comparE?

              1. re: steakrules85

                I haven't had porterhouse at any of the other steakhouses in the city, so I can't compare. I thought the meat was great, but other aspects (service, not being seated on time, sides) make me reluctant to go back.

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                  Really? That is very interesting. I have heard they take forever to seat you and you could wait up to an hour even with a reservation. What sides did you get? Many people have raved about their sides particulary truffled spinach and goose fat potatoes.

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                    Truffled spinach was great, but very rich. Goose fat potatoes was not all it's cracked up to be--dry and not very good.
                    I had to wait about half an hour on my reservation and wasn't given any warning.

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                      What exactly are those potatoes anyway haha? I've heard they are basically a bigger version of a potato croquette and very small for the price.

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                        My wife and I recently had dinner at Keens and thought the steak was one of the best we have had in any NY steakhouse. The sides while very very standard and conservative were actually executed perfectly and were delicious. Its a quirky place, but worth the visit and in my opinion, why not being as contemporary in terms of style and side dishes, the Steak at Keens bests the Strip House

                        I actually am looking for some opinions on Primehouse and Old Homestead