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Sep 14, 2007 11:13 AM

Wine Authorities, Durham, NC, Discussion Thread

So Wine Authorities is currently in soft opening. They're not advertising right now, but I figure those who read this board are likely invested enough in wine to find this significant and intelligent enough to understand that what you may see at the store now is not evocative of what it will will be.

With that said, I'm already very impressed based on my visit today. Things aren't finished as of yet, but the place seems to have struck a good balance between laid back, quirky, and informative. I had a nice conversation with Craig this afternoon and he gave me a rundown of what to expect. I like the store's focus on small, value-oriented estate producers. While my budget for wine is pretty much value-driven overall, this place has a diverse selection and nothing you look at will induce too severe a case of sticker shock.

A couple things to look forward to: fun yet informative classes taught by guys who seem to know what they're talking about; a wine dispensing machine from Italy that will automatically pour tastes, half-glasses, and glasses of eight types of wine. I'm very excited about this place.

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  1. Ah - thanks, Bryan - I was wondering what the heck the machine they'd mentioned was, but forgot to Google it!

    1. Can you tell me where this place is in Durham? Thanks.

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        2501 University Dr. Right by Q-Shack and right next to Thai Cafe.

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          adding Places link....

          Wine Authorities
          2501 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707

      2. Classes! Real classes - up to 40 people, tables, chairs, multiple glasses laid before you for tasting multiple wines, presentations! I'm totally geeked about this place! Stopped by and asked a jillion questions tonight, and brought home a Poire for kicks and giggles.

        1. This is very good news for Durham. When Craig ran the wine department at Fowler's it was outstanding for value, quality, and knowledgeable help. I can't wait to see what awaits us at Wine Authorities. The fact that it's next door to Thai Cafe is an added bonus.

          1. It was bustling today around 1-1:30. There was a tasting of four French wines. Craig's excellent help was friendly, as always. Came away with a mixed case of reds from France, Italy, Oregon, and Tasmania for around $120. Highly recommended.

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              This afternoon was the soft-opening welcome and first tasting. I was unable to attend, but I'm glad it was well attended. Your purchase brings up a good point: 15% mixed case discounts and 20% full case discounts. Not too shabby.

              1. re: BryanZ

                I dropped in briefly earlier this week. The selections look good and they have wines from smaller producers. I'm excited to have such a store in town and I shall be returning soon to shop. It's also convenient that I work less than 10 minutes from them.