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Sep 14, 2007 11:07 AM

South Beach Restaurant Recommendations for 30 and 60 somethings

Need Some Help Here, I am flying into Miami with my wife and in-laws for a birthday weekend for my father in law who turns 60. We are from Chicago and we are staying at the Ritz in South Beach (the restaurants there- David Bouley and Americana, do not seem to be recommended) I have not been here for a few years, last time, the wife and I went to Nobu, which we enjoyed, but it is a little too hip for my in laws. Back in Chicago, they love Joe's, Greek Islands (they are Greek), Ruth's Chris and great Italian, like La Scarola...we are here four nights, any suggestions? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!

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    1. Emeril's is a stones throw from there...

      i think they opened an Greek..Opas Taverna in Sobe, if so, it might be parents (in there60's) actually danced on the table.... can you say OUZO?
      but if your looking for a quiet nite, dont wont be able to hear yourself think.

      1. Mark's is pretty sedate. Joe Allen's is casual American and you see people of both age ranges (and beyond). Near Joe Allen's is Sardinia (not sure how it'd stack up to Italian in Chicago). Talula is a great rec.

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          Agree with Mark's South Beach. This seems like a great choice for "stylish" but not "too hip". The menu is large and varied and Mark Militello is one of our best known chefs. (Take a look). Osteria del Teatro for italian is excellent too, but a bit less on atmosphere. I think you should consider having a drink at the bar in your hotel within Evolution Restaurant. Its quite pretty. I've dined at Evolution twice. The food was pretty good but the choices are limited. For that reason, its just not a place I would frequent. Enjoy.....

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            Mark's is a sort of under-the-radar place (despite the well-known chef) that I enjoy a lot. The most common gripe, if any, I've heard, is that the food is under-spiced, which might suit an older crowd just fine.

            I second Talula as well which has excellent food but a more toned-down vibe than a lot of South Beach places.

            I love the bar at Evolution. They make some really interesting concoctions, a lot of home-made stuff (bitters and the like), not just your generic mojitos and appletinis.

            Joe Allen's and Sardinia are not walking distance unless you're up for a trek in the Miami heat.

        2. Joes stone crab is the perfect place but is not walking distance.
          Talula, Marks, Osteria del Teatro are other considerations and are walking distance. (6 blocks or less)

          1. TAVERNA OPA is your answer!!!

            This place will make one proud to be Greek!!!

            You must go on a weekend for full effect-mid week for dine like a Greek Rock Star weekends and dine like a Greek God/ess mid-week. In laymans terms, weekends = food & dance and broken plates, flying napkins, people dancing on the tables, greek music, etc. Weekdays = a little of the above, mostly just great food!

            The group deal they offered us was 35/head for a friggin' 3 course feast...true Miami Spice deal in deed. They'll love it! They are in South Beach on 1st and Ocean, or the original, which I 've never been to, in Hollywood Beach on the Intercostal, likewise in Ft Lauderdale + other cities. It's a smash hit for sure!


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              Opa can be tool loud for the older people.

              1. re: tpigeon

                easy...old people rock 2 from time 2 time...and since they're greek...when in greece do like the ??? grecos!!!

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                  I'd suggest Opa if you want to turn your in-laws into your ex-in-laws.