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Sep 14, 2007 10:41 AM

Countries largest wine menu in San Diego?

Has anyone heard about a new wine bar called Decanter? My brother in law met the owner and he said that they are opening in North County somewhere near Del Mar (Rancho Santa Fe?). The guy running it is from San Francisco and they are supposed to have 200 wines by the glass and that this was the largest selection anywhere. This seems too good to be true as I live in Carlsbad and it is a long drive for me to go anywhere fun (I love AOC in L.A. but the drive is 2 hours). If anyone has more information – send it my way please!

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  1. I did a quick google and found the website:

    It looks like it is way out in RSF near a new development called "Cielo". The website does claim 200 wines by the glass and says it is opening this Fall. Hopefully soon!

    1. you might want to change the title of the thread, its just a lil misleading. Just put "Country's largest by the glass wine menu".

      also , having 200 wines by the glass is a disaster waiting to happen. Most likely they'll use some sort of Gas to supress oxidation but for something to hold for that long it leaves this weird taste in the wine for the first 10 minutes. Of course.. if they have quick bottle turnaround i'd just be wrong.

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        I couldn't wait and called the number on the website. I spoke with the owner and he said that they will be opening in January. I also asked about how many wines they will be serving and apparently the most that they will serve is 200 but it will fluctuate with the time of year but not below 75. He did confirm that they had invested in a commercial "pump" that removed just enough air to preserve the wine for up to 21 days. He also said that they will be carrying wines from all over the world and not just Napa cabs and chard’s which I think is great. He really seemed excited about bringing a taste of SF or NY to San Diego.
        I am really excited to get something like this in North County but I hope that they get the word out so that people are aware that they are open.

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          sounds cool but the concept seems like it would be better fitted in an area where it gets a lot more traffic. You need a good turnover on the wines or will start bleeding money.

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            200 Bottles! Wow! Maybe now we'll *finally* get a wine bar that can provide the right answer when you ask, "What's the word?"

        2. I agree with "disaster waiting to happen", and might even venture to call it a disaster by design. On the other hand, having that many open bottles gives the server an excellent opportunity/excuse to taste the wine before every glass served.

          1. I agree that this is a very odd location. Nobody that drives Del Dios is going to just pull off the road. I know that there are all of those wannabe RSF developments out there but is that going to be enough to support the business. Most of the wine bars that I have been to are in fairly high traffic spots. from the website I also really can't tell if it is a restaurant that has a big wine bar or is the food an afterthought. But 200 different wines I will be there.

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              Is this Chuck Sameulson's new venture refered to in the email below?

              I thought I’d send an email in response to the questions I get all the
              time about what I’m up to since I sold my cafes, Cuvee, La Jolla and
              Cuvee, Del Mar (the former Bird Rock Café and Torrey Pines Café).
              After the close of my La Jolla café in ’04 (seriously, the road
              construction went on forever and I hear it’s about to start again!)
              and the sale of my Del Mar café in ’06, I’ve been doing consulting
              work and expanding my catering business, but mostly I’ve been trying
              to find the next great thing.
              Well, I found it and I’ve been working on it all this year with a good
              friend of mine. We’re now days away from launching and I believe it
              will transform your significant relationship. Not THAT relationship,
              your significant relationship with wine. I can’t tell you any more
              right now, but I really wanted to give you a heads up to watch for my
              email early next week. I’ll have the details of the launch and an
              invitation that you won’t want to miss! Until then;

              “Good health, long life, good friends, good food, and GOOD WINE!”

              Chuck Samuelson
              Chuck Samuelson Catering