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Sep 14, 2007 10:41 AM

Looking for good Chinese food in Park Slope or Prospect Heights

Recently moved to North Slope from Manhattan, and having trouble finding good Chinese food in the area (I'm Cantonese, so am very picky). Someone had suggested "Mr. Wonton", which was horrible. Any recommendations, or am I going to have to go to Chinatown for my Chinese food fix? Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you're actually Chinese, you'll probably have to go to Chinatown for your Chinese food fix... As far as I can tell, all the Chinese people here run Japanese restaurants. I do like the kueh teow at Nana, though (which is Malaysian-Chinese owned & operated).

      1. A quick search of the sight will find copious discussion on this topic ranging from actually helpful suggestions to purists who believe that you have to get on a train for edible chinese. I'd give that a shot and then asking about specific restaurants if you need further guidance.

        1. I used to live in the Slope and never found a place in the area that consistently produced edible Chinese food, let alone good stuff. I say you'll have to go to Manhattan Chinatown, or out to 8th Ave. in Sunset Park to find anything like what you're looking for.

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            the best of them is hunan delight on 6th ave. across from union market.'s

          2. The short answer is that none are good. Some are downright horrible, specifically Mr Wonton. Periodically I go to Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush Ave, nothing terrific, but o'kay. As the name implies, they don't serve anything that has had parents.