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Sep 14, 2007 10:18 AM

Looking for Orlando-area restaurant for 30 ppl

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a family dinner in December in the Orlando-area and I'm looking for a restaurant with space (preferably a private or semi-private room) to accomodate 30 people. I don't need a big private banquet with expensive minimums... just dinner.

Any suggestions?


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  1. There are dozens of restaurants with that capacity, as Orlando lives and breathes convention and group business.
    Where? What part of town is convenient?
    Also what kind of food and some sort of price range would be helpful.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      Location is not terribly important, but I was looking in the Lake Buena Vista/International Drive area. One thing I am cognizant of is high minimums (one place had a $2500 minimum). I'm looking for something roughly $20-30 pp.

      1. re: psullivan76

        $30 per person.

        Do the math. Don't forget there's tax and tip and beverage costs involved in that price -- plus they are giving up space that is otherwise occupied by diners eating off the menu.

        18 percent tip and 6.5 percent tax on $25.00 is $6.13.

        Figure $1.75 per person for coffee or a soft drink. A $25 dinner costs you a minimum of just under $33.

        To keep it to $30, you can only spend about $23 on an entree and either starter or dessert. No alcohol. Figure a $4 to $5 starter or dessert, ;leaving $19 for the entree and sides. Not much of a dinner at anything nicer than a Denny's.

        Not sure what they based the $2,500 minimum on -- that's about $83 per person. Probably starter, entree and a dessert. and pretty decent food.

        Your selection centers on restaurants that have an average check of around $35 - $40 a person. That's TGIFriday's, Houlihan's, Olive Garden, in that ball park. But figure $10 more than your budget per person about $1,200.

        You still haven't qualified it by saying what kind of cuisine. Also important if you have kids involved, as they likely would need a different menu.

        Perhaps the hotel you are staying at would give you a better price than an outside restaurant?


        1. re: Bob Mervine

          McCormick & Schmick's has a Thanksgiving special. It's a huge platter of the traditional foods, and I believe it's $19.95 per person. Its dining room is big enough to hold your party of 30. It's at the Mall at Millenia, though, not in Lake Buena Vista.