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Sep 14, 2007 10:16 AM

great take out foot on the West side

wonderful family and friends picking up food for me, as a sharp cleaver knife just fell off the kitchen sink and severed a tendon. I won't be walking for a wee bit and will benefit from fabulous take out food in the west side. any ideas?

thank you

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  1. What are you in the mood for? Almost any restaurant will do takeout. And where on the west side, or where will they be coming from? My go-to place is 26 Beach, but that's in Venice/MDR.

    For super-unhealthy, my coworkers occasionally send someone out to pick up Tito's Tacos or empanadas from Empanada's Place for everyone.

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      I often get take out at the California Chicken Cafe on Westwood Blvd or Wilshire. The service is very fast, prices reasonable and good food. http://www.californiachickencafe.com/

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        Thanks, I guess, since I wont' be exercising and I usually teach yoga I'd like something quasi healthy, interesting, fun, on the light but satisfying side. a unique salad that is matched with a glass of wine and enough protein to heal a tendon. In my imagination something inspired, unusual, somewhat healthy and satisfying ....in between healthy and decadent...not deep fried or heavy suace..
        perhaps artichoke hearts in buffalo mozarrella, a light whole wheat pastry crust with spinach and onions and on the side ,spiinach and garlic without too much oil and ...a brilliant merlot that heals tendons upon one taste. perhaps a wee slice of a wicked chocolate something to end the feast.

        thanks for asking.

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          I enjoyed your suggestion. thank you.

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            The Brentwood does food to go, as does Toscana and Pizzicoto. Presto is a great go-to for their chopped salad.

            Just think of your favorite restaurants on the westside, and I'm sure they'll do food for pick-up.

        2. Sunnin on Westwood and Santa Monica has some of the best falafel dinners around.