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Sep 14, 2007 09:57 AM

Any good ideas for Boston Butt?

There are extremely cheap right now at one of my local groceries, and I'd promised myself I'd cook a couple of things this weekend that we could eat on during the coming week. I'm really not that familiar with Boston Butt. Is it worth cooking, or is it just mainly fat?

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  1. It's just another name for pork shoulder. I cook them very frequently because they are quite cheap and versatile. You could marinate and end up with a fragrant and garlicky pernil. (I use a mojo of cilantro, garlic, wine, vinegar, orange juice, serranos, oregano, salt and pepper) The fat will melt away during the long cooking and keep your meat moist and tender. Epicurious' cider-braised shoulder is pretty delicious: but more frequently I just rub the shoulder with a combo of spices and herbs, soak the skin with vinegar and bake until I have tender meat and crisp crackling.

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      Actually, the boston butt is the posterior aspect of the pork shoulder. The anterior part of the shoulder is called the picnic. A whole shoulder is comprised of the butt and the picnic.

    2. It's mainly fat but that's what makes it taste so good.;-) Chinese pork stew is really good (add hard boiled eggs to it--they're really good in it).

      I use it for crockpot barbecue, too. This is a good carolina style one:

      1. I loved to smoke Boston Butts for pulled pork, but you can cook them in the oven without the smoke or add liquid smoke to the mop. fill the fridge for bar-b-que pork sandwiches.

        1. Mock Porchetta.

          Porchetta is a roast pig, by cutting, seasoning, wrapping (tying), and roasting a Boston Butt one can get a "mock" porchetta. The result is a tasty, moist, crispy (in places) pork roast.

          The recipe is googleable, I use Zuni's version.

          1. Best cut of pork there is-as others have mentioned, porchetta (or any sort of roast pork dish), pulled pork, stew (dice it up and make a chili verde). If you are feeling more adventurous, its easy to cure and make into tasso. I make my own sausage, and this is the cut to use.