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Sep 14, 2007 09:50 AM

Syrah for potential client?

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a Syrah to gift a potential client who is known to love Syrahs. The criteria that I'm looking for are:

1. Not more than $100 a bottle
2. From a producer well known for their Syrah (like William Selyem Pinots, Ridge Zinfandels)
3. Absolutely delicious, since he obviously know his Syrah.

Can any of you recommend a good one? I live in San Francisco, so should not be hard to locate a bottle.


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  1. I had a wonderful, very unique-tasting Cote Rotie last weekend: 2004 Gangloff Cote Rotie "La Barbarine." I think that we paid $105 for the bottle, but you should be able to find it for less elsewhere.

    1. OK, so the easiest thing to do is GO to your local wine merchant, and talk to the people there . . . they, obviously, will know what they have in their inventory better than I/we will.

      Among other producers, you may want to look for (in random order) Lagier Meredith, Ridge, Hyde de Villaine (HdV), La Sirena, Ojai, Alban, Novy, and many, many others -- also look for grapes from "Gary's Vineyard"

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        Thanks! My recollection is that Gary's vineyard is known for their pinot noir. Are they famous for their Syrahs also?

      2. From California Lewis Cellar or Shafer Relentless. From Walla Walla Washington Glen Fiona. I am sure others who are fluent in French wines will have some french ideas for you.

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        1. re: chickstein

          the lewis and shafer rec's are solid and should be easy to find.

        2. When you say Syrah are you willing to include Shiraz? Althought the same wine Syrah is usually assocaited with France and US so I wasn't sure if you needed a non-Aussie (which is usually reffered to as Shiraz). If Aussie is okay I have always liked Peter Lehmann Barossa Valley. It is a very good wine, however, due to it's price point (about $22-$25) you won't blow away a client who knows their Shiraz because it is widely available.

          1. Edmunds St John makes several good syrahs that you should be able to find well under $100.

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            1. re: scrappydog

              For a California wine, these would actually be my first choice.