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Sep 14, 2007 09:47 AM

Any opinions about the Schooner

Freeport, LI

Not my style to bash a restaurant, but was disappointed. Especially for the money - skimpy, overcooked under sauced portion, eh service, and my pet peeve - no salad.

Any other opinions?

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  1. The Schooner was our favorite about 15 yrs ago. The best lobster tails on the mile. Of course back then the mile had maybe 5 places to choose from. The Schooner being the most "upscale". Nice memories but it is stuck in a time warp and would never recommend it today. So many better choices.

    1. you still hear the ghosts of the guy lombardo orchestra playing in the background.

      1. I wasn't expecting much at this dinner. I thought my 80-something parents would be entertained. Even my father wasn't thrilled - and nothing upsets him.

        My teenage daughter is the only one who love it. My mother-in-law sometimes treats her to lobster there. Exorbitantly expensive, but still great!

        Lately, if I eat in Freeport, I go to Rachel's - similar price range, way better food, portion size and service.

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          I went there tonight -- how funny -- for someone's b-day. It was good but will admit like Rachel's better. Just don't go to Ottos -- the worse food the music and the drinks but food -- nightmare

          1. re: sugakc69

            Have you been to the Nautilus lately? Used to be my favorite restaurant, but after a bad experience a couple of years ago we never went back. My mother-in-law still loves it - she often goes for the early bird.

            Our last experience at Rachel's put them at the top of my list, at least in Freeport. We had an unexperienced but lovely waitress. I placed a special order - steamed veggies instead of yummy but high-fat mashed potatoes, egg roll & frizzled leeks with the tuna. She was back and forth with the kitchen a couple of times just checking what they could do. They could handle it and she was extremely pleasant about it!

            1. re: amymsmom

              My wife and I are consider ourselves 'somewhat foodies'. We don't eat out on the Island much, but were looking for something scenic/different and decided to give Freeport / Schooners a try.
              Without hesitation, I/we can say this was THE WORST MEAL we ever had in our lives. Actually we didn't even eat it.
              Appetizers were fine, soup and steamers (hard to mess up, other than taking 45 minutes to get! Then another 45 minutes for the dinner to arrive.
              I had scallops over risotto. The "risotto" was clumpy, dry scattered white rice. The scallops were gummy, seemingly frozen, old or sitting out and stuck to my teeth. My wife's filet of sole LITERALLY had no taste. No seasoning whatsoever. It was literally taste-less. I can't emphasize that enough, cause I never experienced it.

              So, almost 2 1/2 hours later we returned our dishes after a bite and just wanted to leave. The waitresses took away our dishes unsurprised, said they understood and brought the check.
              Sadly, the man and wife manager team/(owner?) were yapping away all night with the table next to us but couldn't come over to apologize or ask what they could do.
              The restaurant took the dishes off the bill, but it's still a good amount of money with appetizers and drinks and here it is 10pm and we didn't eat dinner!!

              **Something to note. I never return anything and will deal with it if it's somewhat 'under par'. This was horrendous. What my wife and I figured is, this place really revolves around its "fried" dishes. Otherwise we couldn't imagine anyone continuing to spend money there.

              *I kept picturing Gordon Ramsy coming in and tearing this place and it's owners a new hole. He should, since it sounds like they have some history and something to potentially offer.