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Sep 14, 2007 09:21 AM

Last Minute Downtown Pre-Movie Dinner

Going to a movie tonight, and looking for a place to grab dinner beforehand. Was going to grab dinner in Harvard Square, then head into the city to go to the Loews Boston Common, but instead will be eating right in the city. Since this is so last minute, my head just can't grab on to a place to go.

Looking for something laid back where reservations will not be necessary, but it will actually be possible to walk in and have a wait no longer than, say, 1 hour. Also something fun. I was thinking of something in Chinatown, as well as maybe an American option, and maybe something Italian (that is not in the North End, I live there and the crowds of people that insist on standing around to see a movie star are driving me nuts).

Any ideas?

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  1. So you are seeing a movie at Loews Boston Common? We usually try and go to Silvertone right before a movie there. Great American comfort food, excellent drinks, a good beer selection too. I've always enjoyed everything I've ordered there. sort of depends when you go....if you get there early enough, say by 6 ish, you should be ok. Much later and you'll have to wait, though if you have a little time to kill having a drink at the bar while you wait is always a good option. The wait isn't usually that long.
    Also, for Italian right near the theater, Teatro is always good. You'd have to see if you could get a rez there though, you'll have a tough time getting in without one. It's good food, not really expensive, and very convenient (pretty much next door to the theater.)

    You can also do a chowhound search for some other ideas, including some Chinatown ones. I know this question has been asked before.

    1. Penang and Montien would also work. The bar at KO Prime.

      1. All good suggestions above.

        I'd add Intermission to the mix, at least for places where you don't have to worry about a rez.

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          Sometime you can walk into Teatro without a rez, and it's right next door. My first thought was Penang, as Joanie suggests.