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Sep 14, 2007 09:14 AM


Has anyone been to Mumfords in Shrewsbury (Apple St.)?

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  1. I stop by there once in a while. I really like the selection of creative sandwiches, with my favorite being the turkey & cheddar with apple slices!

    1. I had lunch there about a month ago. l had the fish taco and it was wonderful. My daughter had a salad with either salmon or chicken on it and the dressing was very tasty. Have been longing to go back.

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        My daughter-in-law loves fish tacos. I guess I will have to stop in for lunch.

      2. Mumfords is a regular for community group meetings so I've had the pleasure. I love their salads and sandwiches.

        1. I miss when this place was located on Ocean Ave. in Long Branch, where A Tavolo is now. :(

          Do they serve dinner as well?

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            handy reference

            lunch, take out, catering, classes

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              I also have fond memories of many excellent dinners at Mumford's in Long Branch Chris' creative southwestern-style cuisine was delicious, as were Debbie's desserts.

              On Apple St., they do offer special dinners several times a year. I've thought about going, but thus far, the dates have not been convenient for us. Checking "Events" on the website, I see they will be having an Autumn Tasting Dinner in late October.


              P.S. Several years ago, there was an Italian restaurant that failed not long after taking over the Long Branch space. I can't recall the name, but we tried it once and were thoroughly disappointed. It kind of shocked me because the chef was Toni Froio. I wasn't aware that yet another Italian has opened there. Have you tried A Tavolo?

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                Yes, we have tried A Tavolo. I beleive it is the same owner or brother to Basil T's in Red Bank. Nothing special. I thought it was a little pricey for the quality of food we had. I was last there almost 1 1/2 years ago, and I am in no hurry to go back. I can't even tell you what we had, but it clearly did not stand out in my mind.

                It is also so annoying that you have to lug yourself up a flight of stairs. No that I mind, but there is nothing on the first floor, why not use that space?

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                  Mumford had the same up-the-stairs dining room setting. But, at least, once you got up there, the food was totally worth the climb!

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                    Mumford steps...I've seen some staff mishaps in my day navigating that narrow pass! Angelina the classes are also a lovely experience. Enjoy!

                    1. re: Angelina

                      Not to mention that they do not have wine glasses. When you get that nice bottle of wine you get a mini water glass to drink it out of. I guess that is what they do in Italy...