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Sep 14, 2007 09:09 AM

looking for genuine "Made in Korea" fish sauce

Where can I find Korean fish sauce in Miami-Dade or Broward? I've had no luck.

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  1. You should be able to find it at one of the Korean markets at 441 and Sheridan St in Hollywood. If I remember correctly one of the names is Soo and Sons.

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      insurance, just went by the asian market by pho thang yesterday, they carry lots of korean products..they make kim chee there every saturday.... i make my own so i buy the korean chili powder there...might try giving them a call.
      (305) 232-2728 the owners communicate well over the phone when your looking for ingredients...if they dont have it they will usually order it.... another shop that is helpfull but not so much over the phone is thai binh 7863 pines blvd.
      they special order as well. hope that helps...

      how does korean fish sauce compare to the normal fish sauce like nam pla or regular squid brand?

      1. re: dbellas

        I came across this recipe:
        which calls for "kim chi sauce". I assume it to be a Korean fish sauce.

        Before I can follow this recipe, I need to secure the sauce.

        How is it you make your kimchi?

        1. re: insurance

          i buy the kimchee base at the asian market on colonial drive. $19.95 a bottle.
          its thick as ketchup. i also buy there the korean chili powder.
          i have made it several times and each time had different results.
          i use nappa cabage and sometime use both nappa and regular cabbage mixed together. i also put in green onions. tear or cut up into bite size pieces
          the tricky part is the brining. i found that if you use table salt or kosher salt, dont brine for more than 1 hr. sea salt like they use does not dissolve as quick so the cabbage can go longer in the brine.
          after brine rinse like crazy.
          i mix it in small batches in a large tuppaware bowl.
          i put a layer of brined cabbage sprinkle chili powder drizzle kimchee base and toss, add only the amount of kimchee base to coat thin toss in a hand full of cut up scallions or green onions.
          i place that batch in large tall ceramic pots like the ones that go in crock pots.
          i continue till all cababge and green onions are used up place a plastic wrap over the top. and let sit on
          on counter for three days. turning and mixing once in the morning once in evening. then after the 3rd day i place batches in plastic containers w/ snap on lids. DONT OVER STUFF IT WILL SEEP.

          thats how i make it and i like it the same as if not more than store bought.

          in Korea, they might shoot me for calling what i make Kimchee...
          they may call it Kim$hit...

          when its abut 3 weeks old, i make a tofu, kimchee and pork casserole that is very good. i have friends that eat alot of Korean Kimchi jjigae or soondubu or chigae ive seen many differejnt spellings for it.

          let me know if you make it, i would be intrested in your experience and how you consume it...