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Sep 14, 2007 09:03 AM

Rockport Sun. Lunch

Hi! We're spending the weekend in Gloucester. On Sunday we plan to bike north and go to Rockport and up to Halibut Point.

Any suggestions for lunch? We want to spend about $50 and don't necessarily need a seafood specialty place. A water view would be a big plus.

Last year we went to the Fish Shack for lunch and it was pretty good although the service was slow we had a nice harbor view table. Just thought we might try something different.

My Place by the Sea received some pretty mediocre reviews in previous posts. Would that place be worth it just for the view?


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  1. For a very casual seafood in the rough place:

    Roy Moore Lobster Co
    47 Jerdens Ln
    Rockport, MA 01966-2158
    Phone: (978) 546-6696

    1. If you go a little further past Halibut Point you will see The Lobster Pool. It is clam shack style but they offer quite a bit of variety on the menu and the outdoor seating at their picnic benches offers a wonderful view.

      My Place by the Sea out on the deck is also a great view. Four of us had a very nice meal there about 3 weeks ago. I had no complaints about the food. Both places are higher in price than they should be -- due to those great water views.

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        I second the Lobster Pool. We go there every time we visit Rockport. It's your typical NE seafood shack, and you can sit outdoors on the water with a beautiful view. BYOB as well.

      2. Thanks for your suggestions - I just wanted to followup on our weekend on Cape Anne.
        For lunch on Saturday, my wife decided she wanted a picnic near Rockport and not a sitdown restaurant dining experience. So, My Place by the Sea was out.
        Sat. was absolutely perfect September weather, sunny, puffy clouds, high temp in low 70's. We cycled from our motel in Gloucester to Rockport. We stopped at a little restaurant - The Greenery in Rockport center. They have a deli-style take-out counter as well as a dining area. We picked up some sandwiches and chips. We packed up our bikes and skipped all the adorable, tourist-packed shops (my wife is not a shopper-YES!)
        We headed up to Halibut Point State Park to enjoy the spectacular view from the eastern-most point of Cape Anne. You could clearly see up to the Maine coast.

        We hit the road and went north to the Lobster Pool. It's a charming little clam shack with friendly service and fresh food. We had a long bike ride ahead so we skipped the lobster ($26 1-1/4lb) and fried fish. We ordered some sodas and two cups of their deliciously creamy clam chowder and sat on their swing seat enjoying the great view of the sea cove. We also ate the tasty turkey club and chicken salad sandwiches from The Greenery.
        We rode all the way around the Cape and back into Gloucester where we later enjoyed a fantastic sunset at Eastern Point Lighthouse followed by dinner at Alchemy in downtown Gloucester. We love Alchemy for its nice booths in a cool, wood paneled, open pizza kitchen dining area. The eclectic menu offers a variety of choices, all with creative flair. We had the eggplant pizza and arugula salad as apps. I had the duck breast and the wife had grilled tuna. Everything was cooked perfectly and the service was superb. With a bottle of wine we walked out with a $130 tab including tip.

        We also dinnered at the Franklin Cafe in downtown Gloucester. We were less enthused with Franklin Cafe mostly because the atmosphere was not that great. The place was so dark we could not read the menus. The wood bench, straight-back seating with no padding left my tiny butt numb. The music was so loud we had to shout. The place seemed like it was trying to young and hip which seemed ridiculous considering there was barely anyone under 40 in the dining room and bar. The food was very good and priced fairly but the menu had limited choices. Service was very good. I had braised lamb shank but I was really craving rare lamb chops.

        FYI, we stayed at the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn on Atlantic Rd. in Gloucester. The view is fantastic! Right out the window you see the sea sprayed rocky coast only a 100 feet away. The rooms are typical 70's style motel but it's modernized and clean. The included continental buffet breakfast in the sea captain's style main house dining room is a great way to start the day.