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Best Restaurant Bars to Dine Alone


Visiting NYC for a conference for the first time. Staying in Times Square (I know, but that's where I have to stay, I can take a cab for food!). Want to eat at some of the great restaurants but dine alone at the bar. What are your favorite restaurant bars that offer great bar menus?

Thanks! Kimmie

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  1. I would say The Modern, Gotham Bar & Grill, Oyster Bar at GCS, Keen's.

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    1. Get in line to have dinner at the bar at Babbo.I had dinner at the bar last night and it was amazing. Gramercy Tavern, Hearth, and L'impero are fantastic also especially Hearth.

      1. Otto has a GREAT bar to dine at. Very lively.

        1. Gramercy Tavern, Keens, Babbo, Mary's Fish Camp. I also like the bar at the Palm on the westside, but others will disagree on that one.

          1. Union Square Cafe has an excellent bar with friendly bartenders and interesting other single diners to talk to (if you so desire). Maybe go on the early side, though, to avoid a long wait.

            1. I had lunch at Ed's lobster bar on Lafayette alone and loved it. The lobster roll is good, I liked the one at BLT fish better but the place at Ed's is cool. They have a raw bar and the service was excellent when I went there.

              1. I know you requested restaurants with bars, but isn't it better to eat at one of NY's top restaurants -- Jean-Georges to name one example -- and sit at a table and be treated like royalty, because that is how you will be treated, than to sit at a bar and risk having strangers try to strike up a conversation?

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                  JG has a bar and the best part about sitting at it is that you can order off both the JG menu as well as the Nougatine menus. And for the record, all the staff at JG will treat you in such a way that you will feel special.

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                    That's good to know. Since the bar is in the Nougatine room I always assumed you had to order off the Nougatine menu. I'd rather sit at a table though.

                2. Degustation is all bar seating... wonderful Spanish small plates with some avant-garde flourishes.

                  Lupa is great for solo dining at the bar. Best during an off-hour (they're open all afternoon).

                  Also, not a bar per se... but Sushi Yasuda (sit at the bar, obviously, and request Yasuda when you make your reservation).

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                    Sushi Yasuda is my ALL TIME FAVE sushi place but this is for true sushi eaters -- no funky rolls (which is something I am not a huge fan). It has the most amazing assortment of fish you will ever, ever have in your life. It is very authentic -- not like a Haru or Nobu. Another great place is Casa Mono or the bar next door in Gramercy. Amazing tapas and truly great wine.

                  2. If you love oysters -- my fave place to sit at the bar for raw Oysters and wine (and they have a full seafood menu) is Aquagrill in Soho. Babbo is a great choice too....the most amazing Italian food. One thing you did not specify -- do you want resonable or you are on an expense account because some of the places above are a little pricy.

                    1. This is some great info! Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will let you all know how it goes.


                      1. I've never been, for various reasons, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the famous place where everyone wants to sit at the bar and are disappointed if forced to sit at a table: Masa.

                        Most restaurants specializing in sushi are similar. See