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Sep 14, 2007 07:37 AM

Source for Dried Seville Orange Peel?

I am looking for Dried Seville Orange Peel. I have found a number of suppliers of regular "sweet" orange peel, as well as a few homebrewery supply stores with bitter curacao orange peel, but havent been able to find Dried Seville Orange Peel. Might anyone know a good source (either online or in the NYC area) for this? If not, any suggestions as to which would be the better substitute regular orange peel or the curacao orange peel?

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  1. According to Wikapedia:
    Seville orange (or bigarade) is a widely-known, extremely tart orange now grown throughout the Mediterranean region. It has a thick, dimpled skin and is prized for making marmalade, being higher in pectin than the sweet orange, and therefore giving a better set and a higher yield. It is also used in compotes and for orange-flavored liqueurs..
    I had to look it up, as I wasn't sure.
    Would seem that the Curacao peel should work.

    1. Sorry to dig up an old thread but i'm looking for Curacao to make my own Grand Marnier infusion (Although I guess they use some other type of orange that is just from Haiti?). Anybody have a source in San Francisco proper for the fresh version (Seville Oranges)? or the dried skins?

      1. Not sure if they use Seville oranges or not, but you can find dried orange peel in most Persian grocery stores. The brand they sell is usually Sadaf.
        I'd actually love to know which suppliers you found for 'sweet' orange peel, if you have them handy... Thanks!