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Sep 14, 2007 07:20 AM

Apples & chowhoundy in Warwick? Need help asap!!

Headed to Applewood orchards today--any good? Fun for a toddler? Is Ochs or Penning better? or Maskers? Any good reasonable spots for lunch or dinner in the immediate Warwick area that are toddler friendly and good for salads, and other light fare--but good fare? Thanks for the quick help!!!!

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    1. I like Ochs because it's so far removed. You really feel like you're in the country. They also have awesome cider.

      Don't forget to stop at the Bellvale Creamery on 17A for ice cream!

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      1. re: Avalondaughter

        Well, we went to Ochs and Pennings, and Ochs was a real dumpy looking place. The amenities such as a bathroom didn't fair too well either--the floor was made of cardboard, I think!.Yeah I felt like I was in the country when I had to keep my eye on the giant spider on the wall in bathroom as I .... The market that they had was very dirty and their apples didn't look very good, nor did any of their other offerings. I wouldn't eat anything prepared there, take a good look around, it's pretty gross. I see better produce at Stop and Shop on a lousy day. And the prices were very high also. There were also a family having ice cream from them, and they found a penny in their ice cream..not good, is what we thought of this place..on to Pennings, well at least the market was clean, and they had more things, but I was expecting lots of pies and an impressive bakery, and apple cider doughnuts, etc, etc..what I saw instead was maybe 2 pies, and not cheap either.--their apples though looked nice, but prices were pretty high---I mean we're not talking even talking organic apples here. I bought some nice looking tomatoes, but their other offerings were nothing much, and their little deli offerings were sort of gross looking. I mean what's the deal here, is everything just hyped up? Where are the real country markets and cascading orchards? What am I missing here....?

        Then we headed over to the Backyard Grill and Cafe which I saw mentioned a couple times on Forester, forget this place---they don't even make their own guacomole and it's got dairy in it. They serve a grilled chicken sandwich with no sauce of any kind on plain foccaccio and what look like froz fries, and the rest I'll just spare you...........if you can't do the simple things well, then forget the rest--and also, small portions and overpriced.........not a chowhoundy day at all...I'll stick with Queens any day------------

        On a positive note, however, the Victorian architecture in Warwick is gorgeous--and the people are very friendly. They just need better food. What's the deal with the wineries there, are they lousy, too?

        Really like to take short day trips, but really like to have some definite food destinations that are reasonable and tasty..............

        thanks for the advice, though...

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          Resurecting my old post as we would like to pick apples son is older now, and excited about it. See above entry to read the details of our last unsuccessful adventure in Warwick (NO to OCHS, NO to PENNINGs, and NO to Backyard Grill which I think I read is OOB and deservedly so)

          ----This is what we are looking for, and would appreciate if someone who is VERY FAMILIAR with a particular orchard or area restaurant can recommend something that would work out best because over 2 hours each way needs to be worth it.

          -Apple Trees that are low enough for a 4 year old to pick apples themselves
          -would prefer to pay per pound for apple we pick, as a $25 minimum is a bit much for just apples--hard to use them all at once.--around $15 would be a better amount.
          -Apple Trees that are accessible by walking without taking a hayride to a picking area
          -CLEAN and DELICIOUS market on premises to get donuts or pie, and other stuff.
          -CLEAN and Modern (not an outhouse) bathroom, sorry, but it's important--on the premises
          -Nice views, good spot for photographs
          -Animals on premises, a plus

          We are in Queens, so anywhere is game--but prefer no further than Warwick. Also, like that Warwick is not too far from Woodbury outlets, makes a good stop on the way

          Didn't make it to Bellvale Creamery last time in Warwick and would like to go there, if it's really worth the trip.

          What is Masker's like? or Applewood?
          What about good restaurants to grab a late lunch or early dinner that are clean, casual, inexpensive, toddler friendly--in the vicinity of a good picking orchard?

          Know it's a lot of info to consider, but trying to plan this much better than I did last time. Thanks for the help!

          1. re: janie

            Yes. Bellvale Creamery is worth the trip. If you go to Masker's it's along the same road (17A). The view alone is worth the trip (top of Mt. Peter and looks down over the valley). The ice cream comes right from their own dairy farm.

            I think Maskers might be your best bet as it has a store and has kid-type stuff like hayrides.

            If you want to go pumpkin picking instead of apple picking, Bellvale Farms has that in the fall and the ice cream is right up the road from the farm.

            1. re: janie

              Apple Trees low enough for a 4YO? Give me a break.

              1. re: janie

                Was there today, and for anyone that might have similar wants, just a quick report. Maskers was excellent, we had to drive around to hunt for trees that still had apples, but found a nice section still pretty some very good red delic, and mac's. The scenery is so beautiful there. The shorter trees towards the country store area were completely picked, so there weren't really apples low enough for toddlers to pick themselves in the other section, but my son had a ball running around and helping put them in the bag, and enjoying the views, and talking to everybody who was very friendly there.

                Definitely put Bellvale Creamery on your list, ice cream was excellent, tried Vanilla, Bellvale Bog, Strawberry, and homemade waffle cones. The view is outstanding and just lovely to sit there and see the foliage and eat ice cream on the benches outside. Weather couldn't have been nice for late October.

                Was too late to make it to the Warwick Valley Winery, next time for sure. Grabbed some pizza and eggplant parm hero from Bravo, small little joint on the way out of Warwick--nothing special, but quick.

                Thought about going to Yesterdays, or G's Restaurant on Main--very bright and large-- but it was getting late --G's seemed like an upscale diner and had a menu with lots of choices, would probably go here next time. Yesterdays was smaller and less child friendly, more like an Irish Pub atmosphere. Both had entrees from 12 and up, but burgers and sandwiches from 6-10

                Also, have the Petit Cuisine on the list for next time for french, but it's only breakfast and lunch. The place Ten Railroad, a few doors from here, seemed like it might be okay, but didn't read anything about it. Tried looking for a middle eastern place, but couldn't find one..--surprised that there is no Greek or Turkish, or Middle Eastern place in the heart of town...

                2 more upscale restaurants seem to be Landmark Inn, and Iron Forge Inn...anything else or updated info from Warwick hounds would be appreciated--
                Also, is there some killer bakery there that sells great apple pies, etc....

                Lovely area,--will be back, and explore more, just didn't have time--but it's quaint there.

          2. Warwick Valley Winery, between Warwick and Pine Island is by far the best in the area. Good assortment of apples and pears. Fun wines. Decent food. Often has musicians on fall weekend days.

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            1. re: DrSkimeister

              I like the Warwick Valley Winery. They make a hard pear cider that we buy by the case. The food is very njce too. A more traditional restaurant that has been there forever in Pine Island is The Jolly Onion. It is a very typical American style restaurant, with a salad bar, and old world entrees like knockworst. .

            2. Respectfully disagree about Jolly Onion. A "bluehair" place that is about 30 years past its prime IMHO.

              In Warwick, though, there are some nice dining choices:

              Iron Forge Inn, top notch in every category.

              Ten Railroad Avenue, a quirky Italian/Spanish food combo place, nice digs in the old firehouse. charming and cozy.

              Club Ontaroga, 12 minutes up the road in Goshen, creative food in a gorgeous restored farmhouse.