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Current, Best Prix Fixe lunch deal

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I am looking for the best prix fixe lunch deal in Manhattan. Does Eleven Maddion Park offer a prix fixe lunch? If so, what is the price? I am hoping to keep the cost around $25.00 per person for three courses.

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  1. Here are the best three course prix fixe I know. I hope someone else chimes in, because I am sure that quite a few restaurants keep the $24 restaurant week menu going all year, and I'd like to find out which.

    Perry Street $24
    Aureole $28 (through September only)
    Fleur de Sel $29
    Tabla $24
    Aquavit cafe $24 (I havent yet confirmed that Aquavit still has this deal)
    Le Perigord $32

    Eleven Madison Park is expensive, two courses for around $35

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      Fleur de Sel is maintaining the RW price of $24.07 for the 3-course prix-fixe until the end of the year.

      Eleven Madison Park just introduced that 2-course Daily Market Menu, and it's $38. The other prix-fixe is the 5-course Gourmand Tasting for $58.

      Tocqueville - $24.07
      Town - $26
      Gotham Bar & Grill - $27
      Jean Georges - $28 for 2 courses + $12 for each add'l course

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        Turkish Ktchen I believe is like $15. The food is amazing!

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          Oh I forgot about that. I've had some hits and misses there. The best entrees are kebabs, and I always seem to get there after they run out of my favorite kebab. Still, a real bargain.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. How about Bouley. Do they offer a prix fixe lunch?I have heard great things.

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          If i remember correctly, Bouley has a 3 (or maybe more) course lunch for $38, +$10 for 1 more course.

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          Jean Georges Nougatine Room - $24.00 for appetizer, entree and dessert.
          several reviews and pics can be found here: www.bigapplediningguide.com

        3. Tocqueville offers a "Greenmarket Lunch" every day, 3 courses for $24.07. with wine pairings, it comes to $39.07. same great food as on the regular menu. (One East 15th Street)

          1. Perry Street. The meal is $24. A big plus is the $20 bottle of wine available at lunch.

            1. I went to Aureole yesterday and had their $28 lunch. About 3 years ago I had an astonishingly good lunch there. This time, it was certainly not astonishing, but it was good. Especially the main course, which was chicken breast with a bit of a tasty sauce sided by an excellent mushroom risotto. Although the food is less than stellar, the way it is presented -- e.g. the tiny confetti-like flakes of chive strewn at the edges of a lovely salad -- is first-rate. The dining room is chic and elegant. Most of the patrons are too... they come here for reliable food amidst pleasant surriondings and excellent service. If you want that, it's worth a visit.

              I'm not sure if the $28 is good through the end of the year, or only the end of the month. I've gotten conflicting stories.

              1. which restaurant is solo dining friendly?

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                  Every restaurant in NYC is solo dining friendly. I've thought a lot about why many people do not prefer to dine solo and finally realized it's so they can take tastes of one another's food. Eww.

                  I've dined alone in almost all the restaurants mentioned and it was always good.

                  I went to a party over the weekend. There was delicious food and lots of my friends. I ate the food but barely tasted it because my mind was on my friends and our conversation.

                  1. re: Brian S

                    lol brian, I admit I do taste my friends food but they are like family to me and usually portioned onto the plate before we bite into our dish. I usually dine in twos but i'm getting tired of waiting around, planning ahead and coordinating free time.

                    1. re: DarthEater

                      as I said, any place on this list should treat single diners well. They might even like you more. The maitre d' at one of these places told me, "most people come here either to order expensive things to impress their friends or to talk business, and they barely notice the food. You come here for one purpose only: to enjoy the food -- and that's why we like you."

                      1. re: Brian S

                        I just wanted to check if Tocqueville and Eleven Madison Park offer their prix-fixe on weekends as well.. I have a friend coming over on Saturday and would love to take her there!

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                          I have had the prix fixe lunch at Tocqueville on a weekend before, however, I'm not sure if they have changed their policy since. As usual, it's best to call.

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                            Eleven Madison Park does not serve offer a prix-fixe at brunch on Saturday and Sunday.


                            Tocqueville serves brunch only on Sunday, and there are two prix-fixe options: $26 and $48. You can see the menu on their website.


                            Fleur de Sel is an excellent option for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The 3-course $29 prix-fixe is available both days, as is the $46 5-course tasting menu.


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                              I phoned Tocqueville a few hours ago and the owner (I recognized her voice) told me they have $24 lunch on Saturday.

                      2. re: Brian S

                        <i>Every restaurant in NYC is solo dining friendly.</i>

                        Not true. Grand Suchuan on 9th Ave. in Chelsea treated me like s**t when I dined there alone. They don't have a sign posted, but an angry waitress came to my table after I ordered and said, "we have an $X per table minumum. We'll let it go THIS time, but not again!" There's no way I could have eaten $X amount of food alone. They gave me extra-bad service and hostile stares. Never again will I go there.

                    2. I really enjoyed my prix fixe lunch at Asiate last week for $24.07...and the gorgeous room and view were amazing.

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                      1. re: LeahBaila

                        Hi Leah,

                        Based on your recommendation, I checked out Asiate online and this place looks gorgeous. Beautiful view of Manhattan. If you don't mind my asking, but what dishes did you have there?

                        1. re: santorinii

                          Hi Santorinii,
                          The space is gorgeous, and for $24.07 it's an inexpensive way to enjoy such a beautiful view and what would normally be an expensive restaurant. We had the beet salad and the chicken (which was crusted with the most amazing ingredient, but I forget which grain it was...my apologies). The bread was great, as well...similar to the selection at Eleven Madison Park.
                          If you do go, let us know your feedback! I hope you enjoy...

                      2. A few more prix fixe deals I've noticed. I'm not going to any of them any time soon --- except for Telepan.

                        Telepan $28
                        Russian Tea Room $35
                        Petrossian $28
                        al Bustan $24
                        Osso Buco $17
                        Shelley's Tradizionale $24
                        Pearl Room (Bay Ridge) $20

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                        1. re: Brian S

                          I haven't been to any for a long time except Petrossian which I think has gotten very tired over the years. It needs some energy. It used to be great and now is less than ordinary.

                          1. re: KingsKetz

                            I wasn't recommending any of these places, and the only one that I'd guess is great is Telepan. I agree with you about Petrossian. But some people like it.

                        2. Has anyone tried the $25 3-course lunch at Pampano? I love their tacos and can only imagine and lunch in the restaurant would equally tasty.


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                            I've had the Pampano prix fixe this past summer and it was excellent. Service was also very good.

                          2. Here are a few more I've found. I haven't tried any of them yet.

                            Abboccato $28
                            Angelo & Maxie's $21
                            Aquavit $24 (in the Cafe)
                            Estiatorio Milos $24
                            Giovanni Venticinque $25
                            Osteria del Circo $25

                            1. you can never go wrong with the business lunch over at the palm, 3 courses, 22 bucks