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Sep 14, 2007 07:02 AM

Johnny Utah's

Has anyone been?

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  1. Is that the new Tex-Mex place in Midtown West??

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    1. I'm supposed to go for a work happy hour tonight. How are the dips...they sound good.

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      1. re: fassforus

        Wow, the cheese dip looks great! Report back...

      2. The reviews have been horrendous!

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        1. re: erica

          Went to Johnny Utah's while drinking heavily with some work friends after hearing that they had a mechanical bull. The bull was the lamest most dumbed down, no chance possible of anyone getting injured therefore nullifying any fun. I can confirm an extensive Tequila list. The food however food nasty.

          Johnny Utah and Bodi would not pay any price let alone the ultimate price for this place.

        2. I went there last week with some colleagues. Guac and cheese dip was okay, spinach dip watery. Brisket is definitely the menu highlight, tasty and tender. Tried several desserts, which were all better than average. The margaritas and specialty drinks are potent! A decent place for happy hour, not a meal destination.

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          1. re: tatiana_nyc

            The smoked chorizo appetizer is simple and works with saltine crackers, the brisket and ribs are winners; both smoked to tender perfection. Portions are huge. Drinks are potent. Avoid the bull and bring a flashlight if you need to go to the bathroom.