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Sep 14, 2007 06:28 AM

Take-out/ corporate catering near Brick or Lakewood, NJ

Please help- having a meeting with 6 people next week and I need to order trays or sandwiches.

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  1. Joe Leone's in Pt. Pleasant is outstanding. Great gourmet sandwiches, salads, etc. Maybe this is too far from your meeting place, but if you are willing to drive it would be worth the trip. I went to the Country Store for a sandwich when my father was in the hospital nearby. Pretty decent, but I have not idea about the catering, so I would call.

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      Another option in Point (and they may deliver) is Irv and Karens Hot Pastrami on Rt. 88. When they were here in Toms River we used to order from them quite a bit for client meetings and functions. Their corned beef and pastrami were fabs as was the chicken soup and freshly made turkey.

    2. I would also be interested in a semi-nice place for dinner- must be in Brick or in Lakewood. We have an evening presentation to give in that area and may want to sit down for a nice dinner prior.

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        Viilla Vittoria is very nice for dinner; located in Brick. Not super gourmet, but solid Italian food in a nice atmosphere. Jackets/ties not required.

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          I'll second mschow's recommendation for Villa Vittoria. While I've haven't been in a while I do recall it serving solid Italian and the setting should fit your need quite nicely. Otherwise, there are not too many "semi-nice" places for dinner in Brick/Lakewood (especially Lakewood). Coming to think of it, you can also try the Pilot House in Brick but there its all setting with pretty average to below average food.

      2. Try Mulberry Street (either Brick or Toms River) all the time - they do a great penne with vodka sauce, sublime chicken francaise, and good salads... Their bread is terrific too.

        1. In Brick I would recommend
          La Strada Restaurant
          1643 Route 88
          Brick, NJ 08724

          (732) 458-5228

          We have been there recently, but, have eaten there several times over the past few years and its alway been food and it nice place.

          For Chinese I would highly recommend

          Pagoda Tea House
          700 Route 70, Shore Plaza
          Lakewood, NJ 08701

          Also, in Brick is

          Craig's Restaurant
          292 Princeton Avenue,
          Brick, NJ
          (732) 295-7929

          WE have never had a bad meal there either. Parking in the back off off Davos Road. You enter thru their bar into a nice dining room.

          We just ate there this weekend and the have great Chinese food and also Thai food, too. Very good food and service.

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