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Sep 13, 2007 11:42 PM

Dinner in the Inland Empire to take parents?

It's my mom's bday tomorrow and we are planning to go out to dinner. She lives in Diamond Bar. We are chinese so instead of the normal chinese fare, i wanted to take her somewhere different. Since it will be a friday, I dont want to drive too far and be stuck in traffic. My father likes steak and good japanese. My mom likes anything. We've done the Pomona Valley Mining Co. but that was just ok. We go to Rokuan for japanese pretty frequently so we dont want to go there. No mexican or italian (not unless they have some spectacular steaks). I am willing to go as far east as Chino, as far south as Fullerton, west as Hacienda Heights and north as Covina. Any reccomendations?

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  1. Sycamore Inn in Upland is pretty good for a steak. It is on Foothill on the east side of town (sorry, don't know the cross street).

    1. Cima in City of Industry is good for Chinese buffet with oyster bar, but it's around $50 a person and not as good as the Universal Hilton.

      Summit House in Fullerton has good prime rib.

      Taps in Brea is good, but it's mostly a seafood restaurant.

      Sushi Kamon in Rowland Heights by the In n Out on Colima is pretty good.