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New Westside Churrascuria: Brasa Brasil Grill

Over the last several months we have been watching Brasa Brasil Grill get built, since it's just one door away from Giovanni's Trattoria, where we go fairly often. Since Brasa's one-page website just got "Now Open!" splashed across it, I gave them a call. They opened last Monday 9/10. I haven't been there yet (watch this space), but here's the story:

It's a real churrascuria, according the guy I talked with, who had worked at Picanha in Burbank. There's a big salad bar and 8 or 9 meat choices "of good quality" at dinner. Salad-only at dinner is $14.50; salad and meats at dinner is $22.95. At lunch those prices are $12.50 and $14.95, respectively, with fewer meat choices. One price, all you can eat.
(There is even a pre-sized takeout package, $11.50 lunch, $18.50 dinner.)

No wine/beer license yet, so BYO (I think he said corkage is free.) Since he said it's like Picanha, I presume they'll have somebody circling around the room and slicing meats onto your plate. From the outside it's the same size store as Giovanni's, so it will be interesting to see how the space works as a churrascuria. (You could probably fit 8 Giovannis into Picanha.)

Brasa Brasil Grill
10022 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Lunch M-F 11-3
Dinner daily 5-10
Brunch Sa, Su 9-3:30
Tiny minimall parking lot, so you'll need the street

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  1. Great tip! Report back when you go (as will I!)

    1. Just had dinner here tonight - it is a "real churrascuria" and it works even within the confined space. Salad bar and hot food selection was good. Food was fresh and was not sitting under the heating lamps for too long. Meat selection is minimal but decent (Brazilian Sausage, Spiced Chicken, Picanha, Garlic Beef, Tri Tip, Pork Loin, Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Lamb) The chicken was my favorite, very juicy and perfectly seasoned. Meat was not too salty which is typical for churrascuria places around town. Still no wine/beer license - they are not sure when they will be approved. Service was very friendly. They have a take-out option as well. Check it out!

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          Oh yeah! Right out of the oven, pao de quejo - cheeeeeesy bread. Also these great fried yucca balls, which at first I thought were the cheese bread. Equally delicious!

      1. Wow, that's a great price for a Brazilian Steakhouse so I'll be sure to give it a shot. I'll take Brazilian/Argentine any day of the week over a Boa, Mastro's, etc.

        1. awesome! i hope to try them out tomorrow! mm!

          1. You get 25% off Lunch or Dinner when you bring in Brasa Brasil Grill's ad from this week's "LA Weekly" (Page 163, Best of LA 2007 issue -- October 5-11). This discount is good for the entire month of October for its Grand Opening.

            1. Tried it last night and was very pleased. The service was friendly and attentive. They opened and poured our BYOB wine. The salad bar was very fresh with a nice selection including a soup and feijoda on the weekends only I believe. The meats were not overcooked and not salty as at some of the more expensive churrascuria's in town. They brought and refilled the Pao de cajo twice. All in all great price and good value. Clean and simple atmosphere in a little strip mall. You're not paying for the fancy ambiance of a BH churrascuria. We'll be back soon. They're hoping to open for Sunday Brunch soon.

              1. Great place! Lovely food and wonderful people. The buffet part was very good, lots of fresh and tasty salads, quail eggs, squash soup, plantains, rice, beans, feijoada, polenta, potatoes, yucca balls, farofa, some salmon thing, chicken stroganoff (Brazilian style) etc etc etc.

                There are about 8 meats making the circuit as noted by Tatertots above. All very well cooked and not over-seasoned. After the first taste Mr Boo and I opted to get one piece of each and split it because a whole piece each is just too much food for one person.

                Brasa Brasil is a fantastic deal for TONS of delicious food, and made this half-Brazilian girl very happy this evening.

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                1. Fabulous! We needed a place to accommodate 20 visiting Japanese artists for dinner...who really like to eat! I could have been happy just eating from the buffet/salad bar...but the meat was fantastic. Chicken, sausage, tri-tip and some other cut of beef (sorry, don't know the Portugese!). The buffet seemed to have just the right number of choices--not overwhelming and everything was super fresh; each dish had unique qualities and flavors.

                  From what I heard from a Cuban friend, the prices compared to other Churrasco-style restaurants is a real bargain. (Something like $15/lunch, $22/dinner). Also, great service. :-)

                  1. Went for lunch the other day. The parking was impossible and all the meat seemed a bit too well done. But it's a very pleasant little place and I will definitely return.

                    1. Ducked in tonight for dinner with a bunch of friends. I was thrilled to find they had feijoada as part of their buffet, and in fact I actually prefer the buffet portion to the barbecue meats. The buffet also contained delicious garlic rice, fried yucca and plaintains. I didn't get a chance to try the rest as I was saving my appetite for the meat, and in retrospect, I would have preferred to go back to the buffet.

                      Meats offered have been covered by previous posters, so I won't repeat. But of those, the lamb was the best. Most of the other cuts served were on the medium to well side, which I didn't like. I'm not going to add it to my rotation, but I really did enjoy the buffet. At $11.50 for a lunch take-out from the buffet, it's actually a pretty good deal. I'd want to try the farofa (sauteed yucca flour) and the fried polenta as well as the chicken stroganoff which seems so out of place as to be compulsory.

                      I've uploaded pictures for the bowl of feijoada (the black bean stew) and the flan.

                      Brasa Brasil Grill
                      10022 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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                        I totally agree! I'm a die hard carnivore but would be very happy with just the buffet, it really is a huge variety of delicious offerings. The farofa was more scorched-tasting than I prefer, and the fried polenta was alright but nothing special. I loved everything else.

                        When we went, I requested less well-done pieces of meat and they were very nice about it.

                      2. had dinner at brasa brasil grill last night and enjoyed every minute of it. as with sauce supreme, i enjoyed the lamb the most, followed closely by the picanha beef. both cuts were exceedingly tender and juicy!

                        the feijoada was fantastic as well as the fresh plantains.

                        service was very friendly and all smiles.

                        i will definitely be back.

                        1. I went there after reading this.... I felt I was riped off. The service if just ok, the food isn't worth of the price. There are better places.
                          The coupon online isn't acceptable. I could give better gift to my friend, instead of treating her there. If you want grill, woodranch or even Korean Barbecue offer better choices....
                          The meat was tasteless, too dry. Old Cheese bread were served..... Just a night of bad experience......

                          It is just not worth of $30/p person...

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                            Yeah, that coupon thing is really quite shady.

                            I went there last night with 6 friends. We had gone to LA Weekly's online page and printed out the coupon. But when we showed them the coupon, they said that they only accepted the newspaper coupon, not the online coupon.

                            Sort of shady, if you ask me. =P

                            Their food was...okay. But we didn't sit down until 9PM because everybody was running late, so to be fair, I'm not sure if the meat wasn't as tasty because it was sitting out for so long because we came in so late.

                            All in all...it's a nice place. But I probably won't go back for dinner.

                          2. I went on Saturday afternoon. Because it was early, parking was a pleasure, and the food was fresh and delicious. Because it was lunchtime, we were served the meats, minus just one (the lamb), which is added at dinnertime. For only $14.95, what a lovely selection of meats & salad bar. They were quite hospitable, too.

                            1. Had lunch there again today. Everything was freshly prepared and delicious. I got there just as they opened and all the meats were nicely medium rare. The waiter actually apologized that the meat was "underdone"! Being half-Brazilian myself I know Brazilians tend to prefer more well done meat and he seemed surprised that I would prefer it that way. He mentioned that they usually have a few skewers of each meat in varying stages of doneness going at once, so if you want bloodier meat just ask and they'll bring out a different one.

                              1. My husband and I ate at Brasa Brasil Grill about a week ago and really liked it. I'm not a big red meat eater, but my husband is, and he loved every one of the meats they brought by the table. I thought the cheesy breads were to die for (the waitress gladly brought us a second basket when we asked) and I particularly appreciated the big chunks of white meat chicken in the delicious chicken stroganoff.

                                About the minimall parking situation, you can usually find something on Clarington.

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                                  bring back this old topic too.
                                  It's worth it.
                                  And by the way, since i forgot to mention on my other post... i finally had great brazilian style okra and quail eggs after 14 years living in LA!!!

                                  Loved it!

                                2. I have been here a few times before, the price is very reasonable and the food is good. I have always been impressed with the buffet bar of side dishes, especially the different type of vegetables. The meats are well prepared and who can ever go wrong with picanha and bacon wrapped chicken.

                                  A group of us went last night but this last trip left a pretty disgusting taste in my mouth. While I expect things to be salty, it was WAY over done this time. We found out that they would charge $2.50 for each beer we brought in. (They do not serve alcohol so it's BYOB with a corking fee.) And the worst has got to be that they charge $1.50 for hot water.

                                  While $1.50 really is not a big deal, it's the lack of foresight and lack of insight about good business practices that ruins the dining experience for me. When we pointed out the $1.50 charge listed as "MISC. FOOD" on the bill, the head waiter proceeded to argue that most restaurants charge for hot water and we should check in the restaurant next door. He explained that in his MANY years of experience working in Beverly Hills, this was common practice. At the end, he refused to take off the $1.50.

                                  While I love the food, I just cannot imagine going back there. I really hope that this is not indicative of the way this restaurant takes feedback.

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                                    1.50 for hot water IS a big deal. I would avoid.

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                                      Yeah. I think all that stuff has changed recently. They didn't use to charge corkage fees at all, and I showed up with a magnum of wine the other day and was surprised by the seven dollar fee. The salt did seem pretty ramped up too. It still wound up being a good deal, of course, but I sure won't show up with a bunch of friends and beers.