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Sep 13, 2007 10:35 PM

New Westside Churrascuria: Brasa Brasil Grill

Over the last several months we have been watching Brasa Brasil Grill get built, since it's just one door away from Giovanni's Trattoria, where we go fairly often. Since Brasa's one-page website just got "Now Open!" splashed across it, I gave them a call. They opened last Monday 9/10. I haven't been there yet (watch this space), but here's the story:

It's a real churrascuria, according the guy I talked with, who had worked at Picanha in Burbank. There's a big salad bar and 8 or 9 meat choices "of good quality" at dinner. Salad-only at dinner is $14.50; salad and meats at dinner is $22.95. At lunch those prices are $12.50 and $14.95, respectively, with fewer meat choices. One price, all you can eat.
(There is even a pre-sized takeout package, $11.50 lunch, $18.50 dinner.)

No wine/beer license yet, so BYO (I think he said corkage is free.) Since he said it's like Picanha, I presume they'll have somebody circling around the room and slicing meats onto your plate. From the outside it's the same size store as Giovanni's, so it will be interesting to see how the space works as a churrascuria. (You could probably fit 8 Giovannis into Picanha.)

Brasa Brasil Grill
10022 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Lunch M-F 11-3
Dinner daily 5-10
Brunch Sa, Su 9-3:30
Tiny minimall parking lot, so you'll need the street

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  1. Great tip! Report back when you go (as will I!)

    1. Just had dinner here tonight - it is a "real churrascuria" and it works even within the confined space. Salad bar and hot food selection was good. Food was fresh and was not sitting under the heating lamps for too long. Meat selection is minimal but decent (Brazilian Sausage, Spiced Chicken, Picanha, Garlic Beef, Tri Tip, Pork Loin, Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Lamb) The chicken was my favorite, very juicy and perfectly seasoned. Meat was not too salty which is typical for churrascuria places around town. Still no wine/beer license - they are not sure when they will be approved. Service was very friendly. They have a take-out option as well. Check it out!

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          Oh yeah! Right out of the oven, pao de quejo - cheeeeeesy bread. Also these great fried yucca balls, which at first I thought were the cheese bread. Equally delicious!

      1. Wow, that's a great price for a Brazilian Steakhouse so I'll be sure to give it a shot. I'll take Brazilian/Argentine any day of the week over a Boa, Mastro's, etc.

        1. awesome! i hope to try them out tomorrow! mm!

          1. You get 25% off Lunch or Dinner when you bring in Brasa Brasil Grill's ad from this week's "LA Weekly" (Page 163, Best of LA 2007 issue -- October 5-11). This discount is good for the entire month of October for its Grand Opening.